About Oceans Ministries

Our Calling

To make the love of the Father known to physical and spiritual orphans around the world.

In a world full of people who’s pain, suffering, and loss has made it difficult for them to accept the idea of God as a loving Father, Oceans Ministries exists to help people overcome their brokenness and renew their relationship with their heavenly Father.

Church attender, orphan, prisoner, millennial or pastor, each one of us has experienced pain to some degree, yet each of us still has a deep-seated desire to know our Heavenly Father and be known by Him. We believe that He is the only source of true peace and belonging and that until we come face-to-face with the Him, our hearts will never be at home.

Oceans Ministries believes the message and demonstration of the Father’s love for us is what our world is thirsty for today. We seek to help people develop a love relationship with God the Father through publications, blogs, and mission trips, ministry in prisons and inner cities, as well as retreats, conferences, and discipleship training. Our ultimate goal is to inspire each one of us to live out our Kingdom calling in the world as sons and daughters of a loving Father.

Take a few moments to review the books available for individual and group study or sign up to travel to Lesotho or Cape Town to experience serving and growing in your faith away from your every day demands. As you prayerfully consider joining this movement of making the Father’s love known, may you also know the heart of the Heavenly Father for you!

Join Us!


    I'd like to subscribe to the weekly blog.I'm interested in going to Fish Hoek, South Africa.I'm interested in going with you to visit prisoners.I'm willing to buy 'Journey to the Father's Heart' for prisoners.I'll be praying for Oceans Ministries.