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Crashing the Gate of Hell - A Heartfelt Confession

The Vision of Oceans Ministries

Making the Father Known

To me one of the greatest prophetic texts in the Bible is found in Habakkuk 2:14, where the Spirit through the prophet says;

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

I strongly believe that before Jesus returns there will be a world-wide revelation of the Father’s glory as the “water covers the sea.”

As I have pastored for more than two decades, counseled countless people, ministered in prisons and have been involved in a ministry to orphans in the Southern part of Africa I know the greatest need of our hurting world is a biblical understanding of the Father.

From the dawn of creation there has been a battle in the heavenly realms that plays itself out in the world we live in. And at the heart of that battle is an enemy called Satan who is hell bent on distorting our vision of a Heavenly Father who we can trust and whose love is the very essence of life itself. The enemy knows that once we have an intimate encounter with the Father’s love he has lost.

Inside of every person is a deep longing to be loved completely and unconditionally. We all are on a journey to find that perfect love that drives away our insecurities and fears. Our enemy has done a masterful job in offering substitutes for the Father’s love and it has left us shell shocked and on a frantic search to fill our lonely souls.

Look again at the promise of Habakkuk, “for the earth will be filled…” it “will” happen before our Lord returns, The Father’s “glory” will cover the earth in epic proportions never before seen. I believe the Holy Spirit is stirring a new move of God in our day to unleash a fresh vision of a glorious Father and His love that will rise up a generation of sons and daughters that will radiate His presence to a lost and longing world.


  1. Teaching and Preaching on this theme in churches, prisons, schools.
  2. Prayer networks praying for an awakening of the Father’s glory.
  3. Books and publications. Click here to read more about The Journey to the Father’s Heart.
  4. Conferences and Retreats.
  5. Network of Christian counselors that focus on healing of father wounds.
  6. Mentoring relationships modeling the Father’s love.
  7. Kingdom vision trips to Israel, Africa, and prisons.

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About the Founder


Some years ago I was sitting on the California shoreline praying and sensed that inner voice of the Spirit say “one day you will be a part of a movement called ‘Oceans.’ . . .

My mind was flooded with the words of Scripture,

“For the earth will be filled with the Knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea,” – (Isaiah 11:9, Habakkuk 2:14).

That encounter on the Pacific Coast never left my heart and I often pondered it’s meaning and how I was to respond. As time moved forward a deep seated passion continued to grow within that the world was in need of a fresh awakening to the Father’s overwhelming love that transforms everything. Years of ministry, as well as personal experience, has taught me that Jesus came to this earth to show the world what the Father looks like. And when through the Holy Spirit when can cry out “Abba Father,” (Romans 8:15), knowing God as our loving Daddy, a freedom and joy is experienced that change us forever. Not long ago I was spending 4 days praying in the Rocky Mountains and clearly heard my Father’s voice say,

“Now is the time to devote yourself fully to making my love known to the world.” And during those days I sensed Abba say “trust me as a faithful Father, leave what you know and step out into the unknown as Peter stepped out of the boat onto the sea.”

As I wrestled with these words the song “Oceans” kept welling up within me. The song begins with these words “You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fail and there I find You in the mystery in oceans deep my faith will stand.” As I listened to this song over and over again I knew it was time to step out in faith and trust my Father and begin a journey of Oceans Ministries. As I have taken the step to leave 23 years of pastoral ministry in the local church into the unknown the Father has been faithful. Right after I said goodbye to people that I love at CrossPoint church I was asked to go to Lesotho Africa and share His love with orphan children and high school students as well as preach a message of the Father’s love to a local church. During this incredible trip God gave me a glimpse of what is to come and with great hope I step out with my family into the great unknown to make the Father known. Please join us in prayer and in this ministry to make His love known around the world.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the water wherever you would call me, take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior… I will call upon your name, keep my eyes above the waves, my soul will rest in your embrace, I am yours and you are mine,” — (“Oceans, where feet may fail,” Hillsong United)

Invite Tim to Speak

Invite Tim Spykstra to Speak at Your Event

Prior to serving as founder and president at Oceans Ministries, Tim Spykstra served for 23 years as a preaching pastor. In that time, he has also become a sought-after speaker at conferences, retreats, evangelistic events, prayer encounters, and prisons in the US and abroad. Below are a list of topics that Tim can effectively cover at your event:

* The Healing of “Abba Father” = Teachings from Romans 7 & 8 on the healing that takes place when we come to know God as our loving Father.

* The Revelation 1 Jesus = Coming back to a big vision of who Jesus Christ is as the Glorious present King.

*The Steps to Freedom Found in the Lord’s Prayer = How all 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are found in the Lord’s Prayer and praying this prayer from the heart will set you free.

*Learning to Hear and Follow the Father’s Voice = A teaching on several spiritual disciplines that help the believer discern and obey the voice of God.

*Revival, the greatest need of our hour = Teachings on the history of revival from both biblical and historical accounts and calling the church to seek a new awaken of God’s glory among us.

*Intimacy with God = Teachings from several Psalms on finding a deep intimate walk with your God.

*Prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit = Teaching on several key scriptures from Luke and Acts on the importance of prayer and the move of the Holy Sprit.

*Worship, an issue of the Heart = Messages on a biblical understanding of worship and how it starts with your heart.

*Returning to the simple church = A look at the first century church and a call back to our biblical roots.

*Becoming a person of “one thing!” = Looking at the life of David and his holy passion for the presence of God.

*Surrendering in Suffering = An overview of the book of Job and the solution to suffering.

*Following in His Steps = Teaching the path way of authentic discipleship.

*Our Hebrew Roots = A series on the importance of understanding the foundation of the Christian faith from the Hebrew Scriptures.

*The effective father = Discovering the important role the father plays in the family.

If you are interested in having Tim speak on any of these topics, or something else, please fill out the form provided here.

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