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About The Book – An Overview


by Tim Spykstra

“Abba, Father!” The greatest battle in the history of our world is fought over that simple phrase. From the dawn of creation an enemy has used every evil scheme to keep humanity from understanding how an infinite God can also be a loving, trustworthy Daddy, who will never let His children go.

Over years of personal and pastoral experience I have watched this epic battle play out. I have seen countless people held in bondage by fear and insecurity because of wounds inflicted upon them by the “father of lies.” I have witnessed how a strained or severed relationship with one’s earthly father can play a significant, devastating role in this great battle.

However, I have also witnessed the glorious victory when God’s children find their Father’s heart and cry out from the depths of their soul, “Abba Father!”

Our enemy knows that once we have awakened to an intimate encounter with the Father’s love he has lost. My prayer is that this book will be a weapon used to help you overcome the enemy’s deception and find your heart at home in the Father’s everlasting arms of love.

About the Book – Chapter Review

In this chapter, Tim tells how many former prisoners who become Christians struggle with deeply embedded wounds in their soul that drive them back to their former lifestyles. The unhealed, raw sore in their soul is more often than not linked to a father-wound. Unfortunately, that trend is also growing within the church population in general.

Pain and valley’s are never easy. But our Father can use them to bring us to a place of “powerlessness.”

In this chapter Tim explores the importance of “powerless” as we begin our journey toward the Father. We must come to the place in our lives where we understand our desperate need for the healing that only the Father can bring.

The greatest gift of love ever given is found in the coming of Jesus Christ. In this portion of the book Tim reveals the depths of the Father’s heart which is uncovered in the life and death of His only Son. When you understand who is behind the gift and are willing to daily receive it, healing and wholeness is unleashed.

Tim explains in chapter 4 that this journey to the Father is never traveled alone. We have a faithful companion that is always leading us on the path to our hearts true home.

One of the greatest problems of our day is the bitter root of unforgiveness that will keep you from knowing your Father’s heart. Tim explains in this chapter the essential need to live forgiveness in order to experience the fullness of the Father’s face shining upon you.

This is the break through chapter that deals with the powerful transformation of the “Abba, Father experience.” When you find your home in the Father’s love your life and mission is dramatically altered.

Tim demonstrates in chapter 7 the wonderful benefits on knowing that you belong to the Father’s family and spiritual practices that help you live there.

The climax of the journey is to bring glory to your Abba, Father. In this final chapter Tim will show the importance of living a life of blessing your Heavenly Father before a watching world.

The Journey to the Father’s Heart Study Journal

The study journal was developed to be a valuable tool in assisting individuals and small groups in experiencing the transformational power of knowing God as one’s “Abba, Father.”

The study journal is 7” x 10″ in size. The questions contained in the journal are identical to those found in the book, but the journal provides an expanded layout and preprinted lines designed to allow group members plenty of space in which to record their answers and journal their thoughts.

The study journal will help you walk deeper into biblical truths discussed in the book and will act as a guide to point you to the greatest relationship you were created for.

tudy Journal

About the Author


Tim Spykstra is the founder and President of Oceans Ministries. He has served in full time ministry for over 25 years as a director of a prison ministry in California, a pastor/teacher, and involved in ministering to orphans in Southern Africa. He and his wife Patty have three children and currently live in Aurora, Colorado.

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