Sovereign of the Sea

Blog written by Pastor Bill Bierling                                                    Sitting here by the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Town, South Africa, Harriet & I have been privileged to be part of the dedication of  Oceans Retreat Center.  The passage of Scripture shared was the story of Jesus stilling the sea in Mark 4: 35-41. Notice that Jesus called the […]

Waves of His Glory

In Africa when you visit a church and you are a pastor many times you will be asked to preach. That happened this past Sunday as we worshiped in the township of Massi a few miles down the road from Oceans Retreat Center. Without much time to prepare I instinctively chose the theme text from […]

The Higher you are the Smaller Things Get!

We hiked up a mountain near Oceans Retreat Center the other week and had a prayer time with some dear friends. The day was radiant and the prayers refreshed my thirsty soul. Down below was a huge “To do list” that seemed daunting and kept my mind spinning faster than I liked. But as we […]

“I’m Just the Driver!”

Blog written by Kegan Haakonsen, manager of Oceans Retreat Center. In my role as driver for a high school group from Grand Rapids, I recently had the privilege of going back to Beautiful Gate, Lesotho, after a 10 year absence. At one time just one room with 7 babies, a simple “YES!” to God’s request by […]

“His Grace Abounds in Deepest Waters”

I was already having a difficult time holding back my tears as I prepared my heart and mind to preach at the Christian Revival Church in Lesotho, Africa. It was our first time back to CRC since Pastor David was killed a few months earlier and a million memories were flashing through my mind as […]

Touched by an Angel – It Changes You

Written by Ray Haakonsen, Oceans South African Ambassador: I’m certain many are aware of a TV series from some time back Titled ‘Touched by an Angel’ where lives were changed for the good due to an ‘Angel assignment’ that intercepted lives. In the series the Angel was ‘sent from heaven’ as a task from God […]