What’s the Solution?

Where have you seen the Kingdom today? Every night we have family time with our high school group from Zeeland, Michigan and we ask that question. These four have been thrown into all sorts of experiences out here in South Africa from service in a local township, to a 7 hour Easter worship event, to […]

Finding Your Way – Listening for Love

Algorithms are quickly becoming the controlling voice of our world. You search for a news feed, a video, song, “like” something on Instagram or Facebook and a math formula takes over and similar feeds pop up on your digital device calling out for you to look, listen, and like again and again. Before you know […]

Finding Your Way – Losing Self

  Perhaps you recall that Peter was radically saved on the shores of the sea of Galilee. He was called by Jesus to leave the fishing business to catch people. He courageously followed Jesus and for three years learned a lot as the main leader of the rag tag crew of disciples. But do you […]

Finding your Way – Leaning In

“S -” !  More often than I care to admit I received the “S -” symbol on my report card for my listening skills, which indicated I was below satisfactory.  One teacher told my mom “he seems to day dream a lot.”  Her diagnosis was correct. I would find thoughts leaving the classroom and dreaming […]

Finding Your Way – Look

What in the world is God up to and what does He want me to do? These are the questions bouncing off the walls of many homes today. I have had many conversations over the last year with people grappling with the will of God and seeking wisdom to find it. To be able to navigate […]

Fighting for the Soul of our Youth!

Blog written by Johann Kikillus: Let’s face it, being a young person has always had its challenges. It is a time of acne, low self-esteem and emotional turmoil. When I finally get to heaven, I will be asking God why He felt it necessary to include my teenage years in my life. It has been […]