Praise at the Paint Store!

The Oceans Retreat Centre building is rather thirsty for paint so we’ve gotten to know the manager, Deb at the paint store, rather well. “Pastor Tim how are things today?” smiled Deb. My response was “Hectic!” A good South African term which means busy or out of control. Deb could see I wasn’t feeling very […]

The Forming Wave of Revival

  Watching in wonder, massive waves began to form as surfers flooded the secluded beach not far from where we live. We had just attended a funeral of a precious saint, and needed some soul time, the impromptu drive resulted in watching surfers pounded while paddling to their sweet spot to catch the perfect wave. […]

“I Resented God”

The heart of the Father is expressed  beautifully by this blog written by Siete Hicks. Be blessed as you hear Abba’s voice of healing love through it. Almost three years ago today I wrote a post talking about how I was fatherless by choice. The post ended with me asking God to give me the […]

The Only One Not Seen!

  Who was the only one in human history that was not seen? This past Sunday morning I asked this to a perplexed looking bunch during a church service. You could tell minds were zipping through stories in Scripture seeking to find the answer. Finally, a middle school young man from Holland Christian in Michigan, […]

How Then Shall We Live?

How do we live as followers of Christ in a culture that is rapidly becoming anti-Christ? Last week I was asked to speak to at a rehabilitation group dealing with addictions. For six weeks Dutch clients are sent to South Africa to work on their recovery. The director is trying to introduce both a spiritual […]

Living with my Father

Post Written by Mike Verkaik Yes, that is a picture of me taking a Sunday afternoon nap on the couch with my dad and dog, Mickey. This picture resurfaced a few weeks ago at our Verkaik Christmas gathering. A gather- ing that was reinstated after my sister’s cancer diagnosis. Maribeth brought a box of sentimental […]