The Simple Gospel – In His Step

When I reflect back on our wedding ceremony I get a little pit in my stomach about the text we gave the pastor to speak on. Having done many weddings over the years I don’t think I have ever had as difficult of one as we gave him. Patty and I both attended a Fellowship […]

The Simple Gospel – Sons and daughters of the …..

Every spiritual awakening, revival, or reformation in church history has always had the following foundational elements of the Simple Gospel:  A deep awareness of sin, a glorious rediscovery of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone, and a fresh awakening of knowing we are sons and daughters of a loving Father God. Reread those […]

The Simple Gospel – Safe at Home

  I was in prison, got acquitted in court, and now I’m safely home!! For me this statement reflects the greatest teaching of the Bible, justification by faith! At the heart of the Simple Gospel is the glorious work of salvation through faith in the completed work of Christ that leaves one “justified” or made […]

The Simple Gospel – The Gift of Seeing your Sin

The whole atmosphere of the room changed as men became transparent and honest sharing their battle with different sins. It was a holy moment, one that would lead us all to our knees. As I was processing this sacred time, which happened at the Formed Men’s Retreat last month, the word that kept repeating in […]

“The Simple Gospel”

“I will rejoice in the simple gospel, I will rejoice in YOU LORD…” When Patty and I were back in Colorado we took a drive to our favorite lake in the mountains. As we traversed through the majestic Rockies Patty put in an old CD-yes that gives our age away 🙂 We listened several times […]

Empty to Fill!

God can speak in the most unusual ways to reveal His faithful love when we need it the most. A few weeks ago while back in Colorado I was having a tough day. I just got off a two- hour phone conversation with a friend going through a horrific amount of pain. My heart was […]