The Quiet Peace of the Holy Spirit

The blog below is by Dawn Verkaik and her experience at a Spiritual Retreat called the Quest. Oceans Retreat Center is hoping to host a Quest South Africa retreat for men in February 2022. As I headed out the doors of a ranch with 14 other women in silence, I was fully equipped to spend […]

7 Years of the Father’s Faithfulness!

In the Bible the # 7 points to God’s perfection & completeness.  The best picture of this is Jesus Himself. The perfect Savior, He is  King of Kings. Yes, Jesus is the gift of the Father that shouts out for the world to see His faithfulness. We give thanks to our Good Father and His […]

Please Don’t Forget Thursday!

Why is Thursday so important you ask? No, it is not a public holiday, and I don’t know of anyone famous who has a birthday on the 13th. And for most people it will be just another ordinary Thursday at work, school or home.  So what’s the big deal? Here is the reason why; on […]

Heaven Came to the Junk Room

Written by Mike Verkaik The room in the center of the Wooden Shoe motel is called the banquet hall. During the early years of the motel’s existence it hosted receptions, celebrations and weddings. Though there are remnants of those festive years, the room is mostly used as a storage room for spare parts, broken furniture […]

Challenged to Pray!

When the Holy Spirit moves the Father’s children make prayer a priority. I asked Ray & Dianne Vander Molen to share their thoughts on prayer encounters in South Africa. Recently my wife Dianne and I were privileged to join four high school students from Zeeland, Michigan at a Kingdom Encounter at Oceans Retreat Center located […]

A Lesson from a Big Baboon

Have you every been fearful to the point where your legs turn rubbery? Where the fight or flight reflex and the adrenaline rush is more intense than 8 shots of espresso? It all started out wonderfully as we were excited to spend a few days away from the retreat center.  It was peaceful and cozy […]