Partner Ministries

Back in 2002 Pastor Tim Spykstra along with his stepfather Pastor Bill Bierling answered a call at a Promise Keepers leadership conference to go to Lesotho Africa on a vision trip. During their time in this tiny Mountain Kingdom, God arranged for a Divine appointment with Ray & Sue Haakonsen, founders of Beautiful Gate, a life giving Care Center for abandoned babies. Hundreds of babies have been taken in and treated with great reverence. The infants and toddlers who have HIV/AIDS receive the best medical interventions to provide them with a fighting chance at life.

Through this partnership with now what is called Oceans Ministries, many of the infants/toddlers have been placed into wonderful families and homes. The joy of a chance for life and love for theses children and the new family is heartwarming and brings the staff of Beautiful Gate, Oceans Ministries, and beyond much joy! We were also able to get several key churches in the United States involved in helping build a state of the art campus, supply volunteers, financial support and bring several groups down to experience the presence of God seen in the lives of these precious children. The impact had been tremendous!

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Semonkong Children’s Centre (SCC) was established in 2006 as part of the mission for The Methodist Church of Southern Africa of protecting children from all forms of vulnerability and also as its response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic which, in majority of situations, left children as orphans or infected. It currently provides a transit home to 60 orphaned and vulnerable children mostly from the Semonkong area, however, children from other areas of the Maseru district have also been placed or referred by the Child and Gender Protection unit of the Ministry of Police. The center is located within the former hospital premises of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in Lesotho. It caters for children 0 to 18 years and in rare cases, above eighteen. They are referred by all recognized community leaders, families, police, schools and health centers, etc.

As a church organ Semonkong Children Centre pursues objectives and the principles of the church that of the spiritual, mental and health of its members by demonstrating its teaching of sharing Gods love in word and in deed. In collaboration with all stakeholders in the promotion and protection of human rights of children Semonkong Children Center has jointly with government ministries of Health, Education, Social development and Home Affairs and Police worked tirelessly to protect children against all forms of vulnerability and received funding from Government in the form of subvention and funding from a variety of local and international donor agencies. Sentebale the Princess charity had partnered with Semonkong Children Center from 2008- 2016 and provided technical and financial support. Its support was concentrated on child rights centered approach which used the child well being tool best known as the Child Status Index 9 CSI, which was used to assess the individual child needs and where the child fell below the expected growth rate and individual child care plan was developed as a remedial measure.

While on the other hand the Board and the management team were trained on good governance and leadership for accountability purpose and the management team also conducted the step down trainings to the lower cadres of staff to ensure child care skills development . Sentebale, through its management, has recently announced its decision to terminate its partnership with the Semonkong Children’s Center at the end of this 2015/16 financial year. It explained the cause as its shrinking donor support due to global economic melt down.

Bountiful Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization that started in 2005 and focuses on the youth, primarily orphans, of the African country of Lesotho, which is completely surrounded by South Africa. Lesotho has the 2nd highest HIV prevalence rate in the world and this has resulted in a staggering number of orphans, over 150,000.  Many of these vulnerable orphans either live alone, or they are the caretakers of their younger siblings, or they live with their aging, and often dying, grandparents.

The ministry began after Cindy Trollinger (Tim Spykstra’s sister), and her son Joshua went to Lesotho to visit family members Bill and Harriet Bierling as they were volunteering with the Beautiful Gate Care Center. During that visit, they learned that the older students had no resources to attend school. Therefore, there were thousands of orphans who not only lost their mom and dad’s but also the loss of education. This was heartbreaking for the family, so they came back to the States to start a “penny jar campaign” to give some of these orphans the Hope of education.

During this time a tragic incident landed Cindy’s son Joshua in the hospital with a severe brain injury. In honor of Joshua, who had a deep passion for the orphaned students, monies came in to support 7 orphans to attend high school. As God miraculously healed Joshua he multiplied the blessings to Bountiful Hope Foundation and to date around 700 students have been sponsored and able to attend high school. Oceans Ministries has been involved in helping provide spiritual and emotional support for the annual/bi annual week-long retreats, with the focus on the Abba Father’s overwhelming love for each orphan. Oceans Ministries was instrumental in opening avenues for various high schools in the States to become aware of the great needs of the Lesotho Orphaned students. The impact is changing lives!

For more information or to become involved at Bountiful Hope Foundation, please visit their website.

Jesus on Colfax Ministries is a Non-Profit organization founded by Shawn and Dianne Sikkema. The ministry is committed to being the presence of Jesus on and around East Colfax Avenue in Aurora, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

“Jesus’ primary call to us is to joyfully join Him in loving those in and around East Colfax. While we have a heart for many needs that exist in the area, our first call is to the people living in the twenty-five or so motels strung between Chambers on the east and Monaco on the west. We put people above programs and work with each individual to connect them to resources within our organization and with our partnerships.”

For more information or to become involved at Jesus on Colfax, please visit their main website or their blog.