In the dream I was to speak at a graduation ceremony. As I sat there waiting my turn I opened my Bible to the text I had prepared but the page was blank, nothing! I ran to the bathroom in a panic to pray and I heard God say, “Give them a graduation gift.” I replied in bewilderment, “I don’t have anything to give them,” He said, “give them the gift of prayer.”


It was about 4:30 am when I awoke from the dream and laid there pondering it’s meaning. I sensed the Spirit say “I want you to preach on prayer at the Christian Revival Church in Africa.” As I battled back and forth in my mind if this was God speaking or something I ate the night before, I finally surrendered the passage that I had prepared to preach from John 14, which was blank in the dream, to the topic on prayer. As I did that God gave me an outline in just a few minutes that I could ponder for the next several hours on the plane.


That Sunday at the CRC church the Holy Spirit worked in a mighty way as the passage from Luke 11:1-13 highlighted graduating to a new level in your relationship to God through prayer founded on the Father’s love, the Filling of the Holy Spirit, and Forgiveness. I watched as many came forward for prayer that morning and was overwhelmed by the living Voice of God that can change our plans and make His Word come alive again.


The study of Scripture as well as the history of the church reveal that, whenever a new wave of the Holy Spirit breaks forth God’s voice is heard again and His Word becomes alive with power to revive and transform. Just pick up your Bible and read the story of Samuel hearing the voice of God for the first time in the tabernacle after years of famine of hearing the Word, and how the people of Israel were transformed by it. Or read the story of the young King Josiah rediscovering the Word of God and the revival that broke forth because of it (2 Kings 22-23).


During our Stepping into the River conference and vision trip in Lesotho God continued to speak in amazing ways. One night it rained so hard that a river ran through the campus of Beautiful Gate and surrounded the River Chapel where our conference began. We all watched in awe as we sensed God affirming His Word through creation in an amazing and tangible way.


At the end of our time together in Africa Ray and Sue Haakonsen, founders of Beautiful Gate, prayed a blessing over the team. The Spirit spoke through them in a wonderful way as each person in the room received a word from the Lord. This was a Holy moment that will definitely have a lasting impact on all present.


From the dream, changed message, the rain, the river, the prophetic words spoken in Africa and so much more I sense God’s voice to be speaking and His Word coming alive by the power of the Holy Spirit. This gives me great joy! A new wave is about to break forth! A wave that will revive and transform! A wave that will help us to live as radical followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Keep listening for it!!!!