Day 30 of 40

A Prayer Command

“Do not leave Jerusalem but wait for the gift of my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about.” | ACTS 1:4

Although our climb with Jesus never ends, today we spend our last day journeying with His climb in this excerpt from Climbing Prayer Mountain:

“I can’t stress enough the importance of waiting in our journey up Prayer Mountain. Waiting can be painful at times, yet this is the place our faith if forged. We must learn to trust in the faithfulness of our Father and His perfect timing… He will unleash you according to Heaven’s timeline, so don’t be afraid to wait.”

As you think about your own journey of waiting on the Lord, what word comes to mind when you hear the word “wait?” Why are prayer and worship foundational for our season of waiting?

Today’s prayer: Father, give me the patience and strength to wait for You.