Day 6 of 40

Turning the Bitter into a Blessing

“Then Moses cried out to the LORD, and the LORD showed him piece of wood. He there it into the water, and the water became sweet.” | EXODUS 15:25

Today’s excerpt from Climbing Prayer Mountain:

“Yes, life is going to bring about bitter times. But the LORD calls us, His people, to bring our bitterness to Him, just as Moses did in his prayer at Marah. By doing so, we announce our dependence on our Sovereign God and place our trust in Him to take the bitter and turn it into a blessing… Moses had learned over many years that a grumbling spirit brings about a life infested with bitterness and leaves one spiritually thirsty. Healing can only flow from the rivers of heaven’s love, accessed by crying out to the Father for help.”

As you think about your own life, when in your life have you gone from gratitude to grumbling? Today, instead of grumbling, try cry out your Father for help.

Today’s prayer: God, I praise You for Your ability to change bitterness into blessing..