Shout It All Out!

Do you ever feel like shouting from the deepest place in your soul? I mean like so loud that you shake the neighborhood. It appears a lot of people today are having the urge.  We’ve been having our fair share of shouting in South Africa, the United States and around the world.

I believe much of the shouting is based on anger and fear of the unpredictable future from an unsettled soul.  People are shouting in the streets and using their fingers to shout on all forms of social media.  I know in my life time I’ve never seen so much shouting going on.

A good shout during times of pain and uncertainty can actually be cathartic. I admit to a few shouting matches with God over the years especially when I couldn’t understand what He was doing. Perhaps you have had some shouting moments as well. But we are in good company. In the Psalms David freely shouts out to God and cries out with questions and such passages reflect that God is ok with such honesty of the soul.

The other morning in my Bible reading the word “SHOUT” caused me to put down my coffee cup and reread the paragraph. This was not a shout of anger or despair, but rather one of VICTORY.  The kind of shout that has you leaping in the air after your team wins the championship-remember those pre-COVID days.

Perhaps this is the shouting the world needs to hear today:

“A voice said, ‘shout!’  …Shout that people are like the grass that dies away. Their beauty fades as quickly as the beauty of flowers in a field. The grass withers, and the flowers fade beneath the breath of the LORD…but the Word of our God stands forever.” (Isa. 40:6-8).

All the politics, power plays, and the plans of people will fade away but the promises of the Word will endure forever. Notice how the shouting continues in the next verses:

“Messenger of good news, shout to Zion from the mountain tops! Shout louder to Jerusalem – do not be afraid…Your God is coming! Yes, the Sovereign LORD is coming in all His glorious power. He will rule with awesome strength…He will feed His flock like a shepherd. He will carry the lambs in His arms, holding them close to His heart,” (Isa. 40:9-11).

If Isaiah was told by heaven to shout 700 years before the “Word” came to earth, how much more should those who have encountered the “Word” the Sovereign LORD Jesus Christ. Jesus came as as the perfect Lamb of God to die for lost sheep and was raised to be the Shepherd King who rules now and for all eternity carrying His beloved lambs safely to Father’s House of forever love.

It’s time for all who follow this Shepherd King to shout and keep shouting from the mountain tops the real news, the good news about a real King who has brought a kingdom of love into the hearts of those who will follow in His steps. Go ahead today, give it a try, and Shout it all out!

The Pilgrim’s Progress

Out of times of our greatest brokenness God births beautiful works for His glory!

I was thinking about that while I set up the movie “Pilgrim’s Progress” for a group of high school girls at Oceans Retreat Center.  None of them had ever heard of John Bunyan nor his famous allegory first published in 1678; an amazing book that has never been out of print and translated into more than 200 languages.

These young ladies were about to encounter one of the greatest stories outside of Scripture about the narrow path of salvation and the journey of a true disciple of Jesus.  Bunyan wrote this timeless story during a lengthy imprisonment from 1660 to 1672. Much like the Apostle Paul who wrote many of his powerful letters from prison, Bunyan was in prison for preaching the Gospel outside the established rules of the church of England.

The church in Bunyan’s day was spiritually dead and directly linked with political forces of the day. He was so moved by the Holy Spirit to speak the truth of the Gospel that he preached outside of the church buildings and in streets and homes.  Even though the enemy hoped to silence Bunyan with jail time, God used this seemly unfortunate situation for a story to unfold that would capture minds and hearts with the truth of the Gospel and what means to follow Christ for almost 350 years.

Out of John Bunyan’s season of isolation and separation from loved ones and friends The Spirit birthed a literary masterpiece teaching Biblical truths which would transform millions over the years, including some teen age girls in South Africa. If you haven’t read it or seen a movie on it, I believe it would bless you, especially in light of the days we are living in. In fact the 2019 computer animated film we watched is well done and good for all ages. It will encourage you in your walk of faith and remind you that this world is not our home. We are pilgrims on our way to a celestial city to live forever with our loving Father and Savior God.

Bunyan’s life and the book Pilgrim’s Progress is an inspiration during this pandemic, the political craziness, and a cultural spinning out of control and believe it or not  this is when our Sovereign God does great works. I can’t wait to see what our Father is going to birth out of all the brokenness of 2020. Just like John Bunyan, the Apostle Paul, and you & me God uses times of brokenness to birth beautiful works for His glory!

“My gracious favor is all you need. My power works best in your weakness,” (2 Cor. 12:8).






I want to share with you my favorite summary on the Why, How, and the What to pray for from LORD’S DAY 45 in a short video clip.

Stepping Into the Lord’s Prayer


Mockup of Stepping Into the Lord's Prayer, a new book by Tim Spykstra

Some years back I climbed up into the foothills near where we lived to spend a day in prayer. As I overlooked the bustling city below I had a difficult time quieting my racing mind. As I was losing the battle to stay focused in prayer I turned to simply praying through the Lord’s Prayer.

As I slowly and meditatively pondered each of the words of Jesus-lifting them before the Father my mind settled and a tranquil peace pushed away a boat load of anxiety. As the prayer became alive streams of spiritual insights began to replenish my dehydrated soul.

My thoughts wandered brought back to the summer of 1988 when I attended my first Alcoholic Anonymous meeting with my dad who was just starting his road to recovery. At the conclusion of the meeting everyone joined hands and prayed the Lord’s Prayer in such a passionate way that I had never encountered before. As I recalled that powerful moment, my mind began to make rapid connections with the 12 Steps of AA and the Lord’s Prayer. I took my journal and matched up each step with the anointed words of Jesus.  That aha moment eventually transpired into a sermon series. Yes, I was overwhelmed by the realization that Jesus’ gift to us in this short prayer had the transforming power to help us overcome sin and addictions controlling our lives.

A few years back I felt moved to turn the sermons into a short book that could be used as a tool to help in the battle with sin and addictions that seem to have a strangle hold on our culture. I truly believe that Jesus has given us the way to break the power of the enemy’s lies and give us abundant freedom in a relationship via prayer with our Heavenly Father.

sample pages from Stepping Into the Lord's Prayer

Please join Oceans Ministries as we pray that in some way the Holy Spirit will use this work to encourage many to cry out and receive these healing Biblical Truths that can set captives free.

If you would like to learn more about the book, please visit our website.

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