“This is the Day…”

Blog written by Ken & Danell Czarnecki Board Members of Oceans Ministries 

                              “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”                             

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!”

                           “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!!” (Psalm 118:25)

Three times the verse was proclaimed within the first hour or so of our Sabbath morning in beautiful Fish Hoek, South Africa. Our spirits were filled with promise and anticipation as we waited for the service to begin and for what the Lord would show us following the Discover Inner Healing Conference held the day before; hosted by Overflow Church and Oceans Ministries.

It was so good to be back in such beauty; the people and the country. Ken and I are just returning home after being at Oceans Retreat Center; whilst Tim and Patty are on their way to lead a group tour in Israel. It was a privilege to spend some time together and both see and experience what God is doing in their midst through them; in and around ORC.

Our week began with an amazing evening serving with Love in Action, a ministry that provides meals in a few of the nearby townships. I have never seen a pot so big!! Much less one filled with so much food! Many were fed; children, women and men; whoever came was offered a meal. And that pot just kept feeding; I imagined it was much like the feeding of the 5000; the pot never seemed to get empt

The next day we were able to spend some time at the Ocean View Preschool (one of the nearby townships). This township has been plagued with so much violence. The township is weighty on the spirit as you enter; but while on the grounds of the preschool you can’t deny the presence of their Heavenly, Protector Father! The teachers are incredible vessels of love and hope to the local children who attend; and it is often the only place some of the children are fed and are safe. Our hope and prayer was to bless and pray for them; but instead, we received the blessing and the prayers from them.

Saturday morning was the Discover Inner Healing Conference held at Overflow Church. Our prayer was for God to show up and lead us; and as promised, His presence was with us. The openness and hunger to experience release from the multitude of hurts and pains that hold many of us captive was present; and many expressed that a breakthrough was experienced. There was a vulnerability in the room you could sense in your spirit. Our focus for the morning was removing the bitter roots that hold us back emotionally and spiritually and then breaking free from the lies the enemy feeds us to keep us from living in freedom and from experiencing the fullness in Christ we are promised in Scripture. It was a holy time of God beginning a new work within.

As we gathered on Sunday morning; beginning with the worship team staff devotions; our worship time together as the service began, to the message on Father wounds and forgiveness; the sense that God was continuing to move in hearts was tangible; so much so my tears were flowing during the corporate worship; though I tried to keep them from coming.

Monday morning, as we were walking along the streets of Fish Hoek; we were stopped by a woman who said she attended the conference on Saturday and experienced a breakthrough and was healed from her pain and bitter roots, she said she felt the “roots being pulled out” as she offered forgiveness to those who had hurt her. She was so moved by her experience she came back to worship with us Sunday morning. We praised God for her testimony and prayed protection over her new found freedom and a filling of the healing Holy Spirit over her.


Inner Healing


“In order to get rid of the rats you need to take out the garbage!” Those attending the Discover Inner Healing Conference certainly won’t forget this vivid illustration used by Danell Czarnecki.

The enemy comes in like rats eating away at our soul, feasting on our past hurts, wounds, trauma, and bitter roots that have attached themselves to our lives.

“See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.” Heb. 12:15

 We can try everything to push the demonic lies that eat away at our soul, but they will keep coming back like pesky rats-until that which “defiles” us is removed AND replaced by the healing presence of Jesus.

Danell’s teaching helped those attending to identify past traumas and uncover the places where bitter roots have grown deep roots and kept even believers in bondage and fear. She emphasized the importance of exposing whatever “it” is into the light through the Holy Spirit. This process is a painful surgery as hidden strongholds are revealed and exposed. As we take steps to wholeness the enemy hurls lies at us and he seeks to keep us from walking in the freedom of the light of Christ.

BUT don’t forget as we allow Jesus to come into our wounds His balm of healing grace begins! Jesus was and is grieving with us in that pain and through the power of the cross cuts away each bitter root.

The Holy Spirit’s anointing was evident as tears began to flow, the lies were being exposed, roots loosened and cut, the garbage thrown out. As the conference continued powerful words from The Lord’s prayer pointed us towards receiving granting forgiveness:

“Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us,” Matthew 6:12

As the Spirit of Christ cut bitter roots through forgiveness-hearts opened to the voice of the Father offering affirmation to His beloved Children. In the still and quiet moments Abba’s voice could be heard, this was a precious moment to write down what our Heavenly Father wanted to reveal. Some courageous people offered to share how the Father spoke to them and the healing work starting in their souls.

It is hard to put into words all that The Father did as it was truly way more than we could have asked for or imagined. But I do know inner healing is needed in our world today. In South Africa, as well as all over the world, there is so much pain and trauma from generational sins, sexual sins, fatherless homes, and the destruction of the family. All this and more invites the enemy to sneak into our souls and control us with his lies.

Many have heard the Gospel, received Christ and yet, the bitter roots go deep keep us from walking as true sons and daughters of the King. Our families, our communities, and our world needs to know followers of Christ who are fully alive, thriving in the healing freedom of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Word and the Spirit have given us tools to destroy the works of the enemy and walk in the fullness of the Father’s love.

A heartfelt thank you to so many that upheld this conference with your prayers! However, it need not end here. Danell has written a curriculum about inner healing, and has agreed to share parts of this through a series of blogs this summer. So please resume your prayers for the transformation that is happening and what yet to come!

“So if the Son sets you free from sin, then become a true son and be unquestionably free!” John 8:36











Wrestling with God

When I was in sixth grade I joined the wrestling team. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The conditioning, the practices, and the pain as you battled your opponent to get the win or hang on for dear life to avoid being pinned.

I will never forget one particular match where I faced a far superior wrestler; I did everything I could to just survive. As he wore me down he put a painful move on me called the “guillotine,” it still hurts thinking about, and I was pinned. The next year I joined the basketball team.

I was recalling that experience as I read the story of Jacob wrestling all night with God (Gen. 32:22-32). Jacob was desperate; he refused to let go of the LORD because too much was at stake. The next day he was to encounter his brother Esau, the one he stole the birth right from. He knew he deserved the rage of his brother, but was clinging on to the promises of God for him and his family.

In the early morning God instructed Jacob to “let go.” However, despite the pain from a dislocated hip, Jacob’s reply was, “I will not let you go until you bless me,” (vs. 26). And as the story unfolds God does bless him and changes his name from Jacob to Israel.

The etymology of the word Israel, is defined as “one who contains, or a receptacle of God.” I love this! Jacob, the deceiver, the one broken by many trials, but after wrestling with God and holding on for dear life-now he is ready to be a vessel for God’s glory and honor.

The Father loves it when we wrestle with Him in prayer; the Hebrew word for this is chutzpah, which is a shameless audacity. Jacob demonstrated chutzpah by not letting go of God until He blessed Him. We need to come to the place where we realize we are weak, hopeless, and broken people without the power of the Spirit of Christ working in us!

Jesus taught His disciples that they needed this same chutzpah when they prayed. Right after teaching them the Lord’s Prayer, He says they should be like the man who has a visitor come to his house with nothing to give him. So that man goes to his friend in the middle of the night and pounds on the door with shameless audacity until he gets up and gets all the bread he needs (see Luke 11:1-13).

This is what the disciples did after Jesus’ ascension to heaven. For 10 days they pounded on heaven’s door asking the Father for the promised Holy Spirit. They wrestled with God knowing their own weakness and emptiness. In themselves they had nothing to give themselves or others and needed the Holy Spirit, the bread of heaven. As with Jacob the Father was pleased with their wrestling and blessed them on the Feast of Pentecost with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

I want to challenge you to take hold of Father God and His promise of the Holy Spirit and don’t let go until He fills your empty vessel and you overflow with blessings to give to others. Our world desperately needs the loving Spirit of Christ to flow out of His followers.

Starting this past Sunday millions of believers around the world are spending 21 days in prayer and fasting for Israel and a fresh out pouring like the day of Pentecost that will bring blessings and healing to the nations, (https://isaiah62fast.com).

Join this historic prayer movement and “Give God no rest until He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.” Isa. 62:7




Please join us in prayer for….


In the month of May I’m always reminded of the Miracles of Father God. It was 9 years ago Oceans Ministries was launched by the Spirit as a faith journey to Make the Love of the Father Known. Having no idea where He would take it and how He would provide, but through desperate prayers we have witnessed His supernatural hand do more than we could ever hope or imagine (Eph. 3:20).


We praise the LORD for His faithful love shown through the prayers and the support of so many who have joined Oceans on this calling. Continuing to seek to follow in Jesus’ steps we stand on the bedrock of prayer. Desiring to be faithful to the calling for another year we ask that you would join us in prayer before the Father…..


For comfort – Last week Maribeth Stech was taken home to Jesus. Maribeth and Jim, her husband, have blessed Oceans in so many ways from helping with mission teams to Africa, building projects at Beautiful Gate and Oceans Retreat Center, and an incredible support team for Mike and Dawn Verkaik. Please pray for Jim and the Verkaik’s as they have lost a sister and a wonderful friend.


For breakthroughs – Every week Mike, Dawn, and a faithful team of volunteers serve food, lead children ministries, Bible studies, prayer groups, give counsel, and much more at the Wooden Shoe motel in Holland, Michigan. Please pray for spiritual break through for those served. Specifically that addictions, generational sins, and demonic strong holds would be broken and the light of Christ would bring lasting transformation.


For Inner Healing Conference – On May 13,14 Oceans Ministries and Overflow Church are hosting an inner healing conference in South Africa. So many in our area carry deep wounds and brokenness from rape, fatherlessness, years of injustice, and demonic influences. Please pray for God to move in a mighty way to bring freedom and healing to those who attend. Also, pray for Danell Czarnecki, Oceans Ministries Board Member, who will be leading the conference.


For Kingdom Encounters – As we lead and host mission teams from all over the world at Oceans Retreat Center, pray that each person would encounter the Father’s heart of love and not only bring His Kingdom here in Africa, but also back to the places where they live. We also ask for God’s wisdom and direction as we seek the right person to help run the day-to-day happenings at ORC.


For Israel and Trip – For 21 days, starting on May 7th until Pentecost Sunday, millions around the world have committed to pray and fast for Israel asking for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit to open spiritual eyes to Christ as the true Messiah.  It is providential that Oceans will be leading a team from May 20- 31. We too pray for an awakening to the Father’s glory in the land of promise for those joining us on this trip to the Holy land.


For Formed After the Father’s Own Heart Men’s Retreat – Pray for Abba Father to lead those He wants to be apart of this gathering July 28-31. Click here to learn more about the retreat.


Thank you so much for your prayers as we know the miraculous power they have to move heaven and earth for the Father’s glory!