Tim Spykstra is the founder and president of Oceans Ministries.    Prior to Oceans Ministries,  Tim had been a preaching pastor for 23 years as well as speaking at variety of conferences, retreats, evangelistic events, prayer encounters, and prisons in the US and abroad.    Tim has preached and taught on a several different topics here is a list of a few:

* The Healing of “Abba Father”  = Teachings from Romans 7 & 8 on the healing that takes place when we come to know God as our loving Father.

The Revelation 1 Jesus = Coming back to a big vision of who Jesus Christ is as the Glorious present King.

*The Steps to Freedom Found in the Lord’s Prayer  = How all 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are found in the Lord’s Prayer and praying this prayer from the heart will set you free.

*Learning to Hear and Follow the Father’s Voice = A teaching on several spiritual disciplines that help the believer discern and obey the voice of God.

*Revival, the greatest need of our hour = Teachings on the history of revival from both biblical and historical accounts and calling the church to seek a new awaken of God’s glory among us.

*Intimacy with God = Teachings from several Psalms on finding a deep intimate walk with your God.

*Prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit = Teaching on several key scriptures from Luke and Acts on the importance of prayer and the move of the Holy Sprit.

*Worship, an issue of the Heart = Messages on a biblical understanding of worship and how it starts with your heart.

*Returning to the simple church = A look at the first century church and a call back to our biblical roots.

*Becoming a person of “one thing!” = Looking at the life of David and his holy passion for the presence of God.

*Surrendering in Suffering =  An overview of the book of Job and the solution to suffering.

*Following in His Steps = Teaching the path way of authentic discipleship.

*Our Hebrew Roots = A series on the importance of understanding the foundation of the Christian faith from the Hebrew Scriptures.

*The effective father = Discovering the important role the father plays in the family.

If you are interested in having Tim speak on any of these topics or something else please email  tim.spykstra@oceansministires.org


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