Fight – Supernaturally

Abba Father knows exactly how to speak to us. It is no wonder that the dream I experienced earlier this month highlighted two passions of mine, the church and football. So when the dream switched scenes from a church service to a football field making the same point my spiritual senses were being stirred.

As I was walking across the field in my dream the head coach pulled me aside to tell me the team was facing a far superior opponent. The opponents were bigger, faster, more experienced, and far more athletic than our team. He told me to come up with a game plan and go into the locker room and tell the team to “fight.”

I stood on the field trying to rack my brain on ways to overcome what seemed like impossible odds. Yes, I could go into the locker room and pump them up and tell them to “fight” but how?  Shortly after that moment I woke up, went to my Bible and journal and started to write.

As I was unpacking Revelation 12:11, the text I was to preach in my dream church, I found the strategy on how to “fight” on the spiritual football field in order to overcome a far more talented team. Look at verse 11 again in the Passion translation:

“They conquered him completely through the blood of the Lamb and the powerful word of His testimony. They triumphed because they did not love and cling to their own lives, even when faced with death.”

Over the last several weeks the blog has focussed on the “the blood of the Lamb” as the foundation of victory. What I plan to unpack in the next blogs is found in the 2nd half of Revelation 12:11 and it is vital for conquering the enemy.

For years I have read this verse with these words, “…the word of their testimony.” But notice the Passion translation, which takes it from the Aramaic, the spoken language of the day, “the powerful word of His testimony.” 

In the wee hours of the morning this jumped out at me. “Wait! it is not my testimony that overcomes the enemy but Jesus’ testimony, His supernatural work.”  Or you could say, it is Christ in me! The victory comes when I acknowledges I’m is far too weak to overcome the beast within and without-I need the testimony of Jesus.

A few weeks ago I was talking and praying with a young man who spent some time in Africa recently. He was sharing how encountering the supernatural power of Christ has changed the whole course of his life. We talked about the time when we were in a preschool classroom praying over someone when a demonic spirit began to manifest. Just stepping foot into that area the heavy darkness and bondage was in the atmosphere, before we knew it we we were all on our knees crying out to Jesus for help. After what seemed like an eternity, Jesus showed up in His glorious power and set a captive free.

I’ll  never forget what he said right after the encounter, “I feel like I’m living in the book of Acts!” Each of us in the room felt humbled  and overwhelmed by the power of Christ Jesus. I know I felt weak going into the fight vastly outmatched. All we could do was call on the name of Jesus believing He had the power to intervene and heal.

Whether in the classroom, the church, work or on the field, the advice my football coaches taught holds true. The goal was to always tackle an opponent by going low. In the same way spiritually as believers we overcome the enemy by going low. Realizing our own weakness over our enemy we fall before King Jesus and ask for His supernatural help. Our secret weapon over a superior enemy is the powerful testimony of Jesus.

We claim His death and the power of His perfect blood to forgive us of all sin.

We claim His resurrection power living in us making us new.

And we claim His sovereign rule and authority to over come all attacks of the enemy,

When we line up against what looks like an overwhelming, unbeatable force of fear, habitual sin, unforgiveness, hate, demonic strongholds, or whatever is overwhelming you at the moment remember Fight – Supernaturally- Go Low-Bend the Knee-Claim HIS testimony.



Battle the Beast with the Blood

In this week’s blog I continue to reflect on my dream from July 2 in which I found myself sharing words of encouragement to a grieving congregation. I also want to unpack more from the text of Revelation 12:11. Dwelling on the dream and this particular scripture have enabled me to gain insights on how to shine and do battle in the current culture we are immersed in.

I shared a troubling part of the dream with a friend, the funeral service was sadly due to the pastor taking his life. I couldn’t understand how Revelation 12:11 could bring comfort to the church particularly relating to this situation. My friend said to me, “think about the pain pastor’s go through leading congregations, especially in the culture we live in. Think about your own pain as a pastor.”

I thought about what he said as I continued to meditate on the dream, the passage, and the call to fight. As I read through Revelation and thought about the dragon or the beast that wars against the church, the Bride of Christ-it occurred to me that the greatest battle is the beast within.

Yes, Satan and his hordes of hell are real and continually making war on the Father’s children. Yet, often the war takes place within me. I have a beast within my soul, my flesh, my sinful nature. The goal of the enemy is to unleash the beast within to bind my mind with fear, doubts, that lead to massive insecurities, which opens the floodgates to all types of sin. Satan’s goal is to build a strong hold in my mind-to wage a war within so his wicked lies can bring about despair and ultimate destruction.

The greatest weapon to overcome the beast within is-The Blood:

“The conquered him completely through the blood of the Lamb.” Rev. 12:11a

This past Sunday we were blessed to participate in communion. As I was preparing my heart I thought about the wounds of Christ. How from His head, hands, feet, and side blood flowed out and splashed all over the ground. That ground represented my dirty, dusty, rocky heart that is dead in sin. Yet- The Blood is pure, precious, perfect, and powerful enough to wash away all of my sin and spring new life out of dirt. It keeps me in a love relationship with my Abba Father, the only TRUE SOURCE of SECURITY.

Spiritually, I ran to the cross and by faith declared victory over the beast within by The Blood of Lamb who overcame the beast’s hold over me by taking my place on the cross. The Lamb fought and overcame the beast by His own blood. Notice, He didn’t use physical force, political activism, no corporate power plays, only Blood.

In the massive battle we are facing in our day our only victory will be through The Blood of forgiveness. As we daily live under His loving forgiveness and acknowledge by faith our death with Christ, we share in the Lamb’s victory. We become little lambs, secure in His love (Read and Sing Rev. 15:1-4).

We war against the beast within and the beast in the world by a supernatural love that can forgive ourselves and our enemies. Pastors and Churches need to run back to our place of victory, the Cross where blood was poured out, and unleashed an eternal river of forgiveness that doomed the beast for ever.

Today are you feeling defeated, full of despair, hearing demonic lies, controlled by insecurities and fears? Please run to the fountain of blood and let His love drench you in healing forgiveness. As the old hymn says:

“There is power, power, wonder working power in the precious blood of the Lamb!”




Encountering the Lamb

After the dream, shared in last week’s blog, I have been dwelling on Revelation 12:11 each day. The Holy Spirit has captivated my attention and continues to reveal the importance of combatting the aggressive assaults of the Dragon.

As the text states, “They conquered him completely through the blood of the Lamb…” The word “Blood” is vital to the battle, and the significance of the blood will be unpacked next week, but notice where the blood flows from “the Lamb.”

 The first time the “Lamb” is mentioned in the book of Revelation is chapter 5:6. After this introduction He, The Lamb, becomes the central figure in the rest of Revelation. The victory over the enemy is in direct relationship to the Lamb. Those who overcome the Dragon have the blood mark of the Lamb upon their foreheads (7:4).

The conquers, who have been marked by Father God, demonstrate their saving trust in Him by Prayer and Praise. Those who have truly encountered the Lamb do battle on their knees in prayer and through continual worship of the Lamb.

I challenge you to read Revelation 5 and circle each time the word “Lamb” is mentioned. It is amazing to see all of heaven and His followers doing these two things, prayer and praise, repeated over and over again:

“…Each of them had a harp and golden bowls brimming full of sweet fragrant incense –which are the prayers of God’s holy lovers. And they were all singing this new song of praise to the Lamb:

‘Because You were slaughtered for us, You are worthy to take the scroll and open its seals. Your blood was the price paid to redeem us. You purchased us to bring us to God out of every tribe, language, people group, and nation. You have chosen us to serve our God and formed us into a kingdom of priests who reign on the earth.” (5:8-10).

Those who have truly encountered the Lamb and know His and the Father’s forgiveness and love will battle with the weapons of Prayer and Praise!

During our time in the states my wife Patty and I can give testimony to times we have witnessed believers gathering for Prayer and Praise! In June we joined a Sunday night prayer time at a former church we pastored. This prayer gathering came out of several teams who had served in Africa and visited a Monday prayer service we attend. This experience spurred them to start one. We were overwhelmed by the worship and heartfelt prayers brought before the Lamb being led by high school students. You could feel heaven come to earth as the praises and prayers went up and strongholds of the enemy being shattered. We left so encouraged to see hearts arrested by love for The Lamb.

Then in July we joined some of our family at a Prayer and Praise service at a local church. It was much needed as we both faced some follow up medical appointments and will soon be returning to South Africa. I estimated at least 1000 people of all ages worshiping and crying out to God in prayer. We went in with anxious but expectant hearts and left feeling hope and victory through the glorious Lamb who is bringing revival to the nations through prayer and praise.

Patty and I have sensed this powerful warfare swirling in our midst and these words of scripture and the Prayer and Praise times have been a source of strength and renewed our spirits as we keep looking at the Lamb in the midst of the battle.

Perhaps you have also sensed spiritual battles close at hand. As followers of Jesus together we can once again refocus our sight and look upon a blooded Lamb, who died in our place. I believe the Holy Spirit is pointing us back to the Lamb to find victory over this present darkness we are living in. Our response is to offer prayer and praise not only with words, but also by living a life filled with prayer and praise for His and our victory!




It’s Time to Fight!

On July 2 at 12:30 AM I woke up from a dream that left me overwhelmed. I got up searched for my journal to write it down. It would take far too long to share all the details but the word “fight” kept coming up. In one of the scenes I preached at a funeral service with only five minutes to prepare. When I asked the Lord what should I preach He brought me to Revelation 12:11:

“They conquered him completely through the blood of the Lamb and the powerful word of His testimony. They triumphed because they did not love and cling to their own lives, even when faced with death.” (TPT)

Even though this scripture seemed unusual for a funeral service-I felt the Father wanted the church to fight in this manner. Later in my dream the same theme came forth again-but this time on a football field. The head coach instructed me to go into the locker room and tell the team the only way they could win against a more powerful team was to “fight courageously!”

By this time I was wide awake, so I spent the next several hours writing, reading Revelation 12, and praying over the dream. Revelation 12 summarizes the spiritual battle that wars all throughout the Bible and mirrors what continues to this day. A fight in the heavenly realms manifests itself on earth. The “fiery red dragon,” also known as Satan, with horns of power and a massive tail has waged a war against the Father’s glory, Jesus His Son, and all the children born of the Holy Spirit.

But praise be to our Father God, this chapter declares the Son born of a woman defeated the “serpent, the ancient snake called the devil,” (vs. 9). Revelation 12 highlights the victory of the cross and the present reign of Christ through His people the church.

However, even though the victory is secured forever for those in Christ, the battle is not over yet. The dragon despite suffering a mortal wound is hell bent on warring against the Father’s children, those who seek to follow His command and hold fast to their love for His Son Jesus, (vs. 17).

I don’t know about you, but I feel that battle all around. The Deceiver and his horde of demons continue to spew out hate, lies, condemnation, fear, discord. As Christians we come face to face with a culture of death and destruction much like a raging flood. Satan’s desire is to lure Abba’s children into living defeated lives. He also desires to keep those living in the bondage of sin as far from the love of Christ as he possibly can. He does not want anyone to know that Jesus can bring full forgiveness and freedom.

Pondering the dream and this incredible passage of Scripture I hear the Spirit say “It’s time to fight!” Fight for Abba’s children to live in the fullness of Christ salvation. Fight for the lost that they may hear the saving message of the cross. It’s time for the bride of Christ to awake and be a light in the darkness.

For the next few blogs I want to look deeper into verse 11 and how we are called to fight With His Blood, With His Testimony, and With the Fear of the Lord.

I challenge you to spend some time reading and praying through Revelation 12. Let the Holy Spirit both guide and encourage you in the fight!