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Abba Father knows exactly how to speak to us. It is no wonder that the dream I experienced earlier this month highlighted two passions of mine, the church and football. So when the dream switched scenes from a church service to a football field making the same point my spiritual senses were being stirred.

As I was walking across the field in my dream the head coach pulled me aside to tell me the team was facing a far superior opponent. The opponents were bigger, faster, more experienced, and far more athletic than our team. He told me to come up with a game plan and go into the locker room and tell the team to “fight.”

I stood on the field trying to rack my brain on ways to overcome what seemed like impossible odds. Yes, I could go into the locker room and pump them up and tell them to “fight” but how?  Shortly after that moment I woke up, went to my Bible and journal and started to write.

As I was unpacking Revelation 12:11, the text I was to preach in my dream church, I found the strategy on how to “fight” on the spiritual football field in order to overcome a far more talented team. Look at verse 11 again in the Passion translation:

“They conquered him completely through the blood of the Lamb and the powerful word of His testimony. They triumphed because they did not love and cling to their own lives, even when faced with death.”

Over the last several weeks the blog has focussed on the “the blood of the Lamb” as the foundation of victory. What I plan to unpack in the next blogs is found in the 2nd half of Revelation 12:11 and it is vital for conquering the enemy.

For years I have read this verse with these words, “…the word of their testimony.” But notice the Passion translation, which takes it from the Aramaic, the spoken language of the day, “the powerful word of His testimony.” 

In the wee hours of the morning this jumped out at me. “Wait! it is not my testimony that overcomes the enemy but Jesus’ testimony, His supernatural work.”  Or you could say, it is Christ in me! The victory comes when I acknowledges I’m is far too weak to overcome the beast within and without-I need the testimony of Jesus.

A few weeks ago I was talking and praying with a young man who spent some time in Africa recently. He was sharing how encountering the supernatural power of Christ has changed the whole course of his life. We talked about the time when we were in a preschool classroom praying over someone when a demonic spirit began to manifest. Just stepping foot into that area the heavy darkness and bondage was in the atmosphere, before we knew it we we were all on our knees crying out to Jesus for help. After what seemed like an eternity, Jesus showed up in His glorious power and set a captive free.

I’ll  never forget what he said right after the encounter, “I feel like I’m living in the book of Acts!” Each of us in the room felt humbled  and overwhelmed by the power of Christ Jesus. I know I felt weak going into the fight vastly outmatched. All we could do was call on the name of Jesus believing He had the power to intervene and heal.

Whether in the classroom, the church, work or on the field, the advice my football coaches taught holds true. The goal was to always tackle an opponent by going low. In the same way spiritually as believers we overcome the enemy by going low. Realizing our own weakness over our enemy we fall before King Jesus and ask for His supernatural help. Our secret weapon over a superior enemy is the powerful testimony of Jesus.

We claim His death and the power of His perfect blood to forgive us of all sin.

We claim His resurrection power living in us making us new.

And we claim His sovereign rule and authority to over come all attacks of the enemy,

When we line up against what looks like an overwhelming, unbeatable force of fear, habitual sin, unforgiveness, hate, demonic strongholds, or whatever is overwhelming you at the moment remember Fight – Supernaturally- Go Low-Bend the Knee-Claim HIS testimony.



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  1. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    This came at The perfect time, Tim. Our best friends are facing the news of the husband having several brain tumors. This has been a very difficult blow, but we believe God is in control and has a plan. I appreciate the reminder to stay low and fight!


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