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A Journey of Faith – Preparing Your Shoes – Journey Deeper

This past weekend I met with a group of men in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, to “prepare our shoes” for a journey of faith. Just like Joshua called the people to “consecrate” themselves before taking the step into the Jordan River and into the miraculous promises of God, we took some time to take a time out, and make our hearts ready for what God has next for us.

A Journey of Faith – Promising Shoes – Journey Deeper

I have heard from so many of you who are being pulled by God into a new adventure of faith. God is opening up new opportunities to trust Him and follow Him into the destiny you were created for. But as you read in Tuesday’s blog there is this attribute called “fear,” and fear can quickly cause you to freeze and keep you from moving forward.

A Journey of Faith – Promising Shoes

I love chapter 1 of Joshua because of the picture it brings to my mind. Moses, a larger than life leader, has just died and God says to Joshua, “your up, time to get into the game.” What do you think was going through Joshua’s head? Hmm, maybe a little fear. OK, a lot of fear.

How could he step into the gigantic shoes of Moses and lead a bunch of stubborn sheep?