Day 5 of 40 – Play Your Tambourine

What are some practical ways you can turn your prayer times into worship encounters that open the gates of heaven?

Day 4 of 40 – When You’re Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Be reminded that God often asks us to live in a way that is radically different from the world around us. Why is it so hard to be still?

Day 3 of 40 – Moving the Mighty Hand of God

What mountains of opposition stand in the way and keep you from the promises God has for you?

Day 2 of 40 – King of the Mountain

What are some of the ways God has grabbed your attention and spoken to you during your life? Take the time today to look at your current circumstances and see how your Good Father is trying to speak to you right now.

Day 1 of 40 – Finding the Mountain

Where are you on your spiritual journey? Are ready to climb Prayer Mountain? If so, I pray that God would richly bless your time with Him. If you are hesitant, what is holding you back?