“Spirit Lead Me…”

We drove onto a dirt road that twisted through shacks made of whatever materials could be found and arrived at a pre-school made of corrugated metal. Inside were beautiful children being taught and cared for by women with big hearts and bright smiles. Here was a little oasis in a troubled township called Khayelitsha, which is home to over 1 million people just 20 minutes from the modern city of Cape Town South Africa.

As Mike and I spent time in this township learning about it from various ministries we were overwhelmed by what we saw and heard. The need, poverty, violence, spiritual darkness, and injustice goes beyond anything I have experienced before. The pastor who took us to visit the pre-school shared that only 5% in that township know the love of Christ and the church struggles to survive in this spiritual war zone.

We learned from the leaders of Beautiful Gate, another powerful light in the darkness, how the schools are underfunded and don’t have enough qualified teachers or resources to effectively teach. They also shared with us the family crisis of fatherless homes that leads to gang violence that permeates the townships with fear.

As we were touring Beautiful Gate’s campus a young girl ran up to Mike and I and asked for a hug. Then she wanted us to watch her play on the play ground set with a group of other children. As we got ready to leave she once again wanted to give hugs and followed us back to our car and with a contagious smile said, “I love you!” A couple of mornings later I was reading about Paul’s vision of a man from Macedonia standing and begging him, “come over to Macedonia and help us,”  (Acts 16:9).  As I read these words my mind went to the little girl who needed hugs and love and the Spirit’s voice calling and tugging through her words.

I’m not sure what it all means yet but I know the Spirit is again calling Oceans to step out in faith to follow His leading. We had so many divine appointments and meetings that only the Spirit could have arranged. One morning Mike and I were worshiping together by listening to a play list of worship songs and sure enough the song Oceans popped up and called us again to live in radical faith following the Spirit’s leading:

“You call me out upon the waters – The great unknown where feet may fail – And there I find you in the mystery – in Oceans deep my faith will stand – Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders let me walk upon the waters wherever you may call me…”

Ask the Spirit to lead you today to a God ordained encounter that will will advance His name and love in way that He alone will be praised and glorified through you!

The Steps of A Disciple

A disciple of Christ will experience amazing highs and difficult lows and yet grow to know the amazing power and love of Kingdom of God breaking forth into the world.

Be blessed as you listen to Michele Bennett’s story of living as a radical disciple of Jesus Christ in Lesotho Africa.

From Orphan to a Messenger of the King!

Listen to the amazing story of a young young man named Lerato and his journey from Lesotho, Africa to Japan.

What Does God’s Kingdom Look Like?

I recently spoke with a group of men from southern California, parents of students at Ontario Christian High School, who accompanied their kids on a trip to Lesotho, Africa, and experienced God’s Kingdom in a tangible way.

Dads Kevin Hardy, Perry Eichor, Chris Congleton, and Bryan Vander Tuig discuss their experiences of traveling to Lesotho with their kids, seeing and experiencing God moving and working with them and through them during their time in Lesotho. The groups teacher/leader, Jeremy Zuidema of Ontario Christian, also relates how God provided for him to step out of his comfort zone to embark on the trip and was faithful beyond expectations in blessing the group’s time and efforts.

Listen to the entire conversation below:

Pray Ekballo! – An Interview with Michele Bennett and Danny Unterkofler

The Greek word Ekballo means “to hurl, thrust or propel.” It is a forceful action as opposed to a passive one, like when you are thrown into a situation and you don’t have control. In today’s podcast, I interview two of my friends – Michele Bennett and Danny Unterkofler – whom God has thrust into the harvest fields in such a manner.

Michele Bennett is preparing to move from Chino, California to Maseru, Lesotho, Africa, to assume the role of operations manager at Beautiful Gate, Lesotho. As you listen, notice how God pursued and called Michele over the course of several years time.

Danny and his wife Kaylyn are an anointed ministry team that serve a church in Orange County, California. Danny shares how his journey has progressed and how God has showed Himself faithful through the development of new relationships.

Please keep Oceans in prayer as we seek to make the Love of the Father Known around the world.