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Living with my Father

Post Written by Mike Verkaik Yes, that is a picture of me taking a Sunday afternoon nap on the couch with my dad and dog, Mickey. This picture resurfaced a few weeks ago at our Verkaik Christmas gathering. A gather- ing that was reinstated after my sister’s cancer diagnosis. Maribeth brought a box of sentimental […]

He Speaks Peace!

God loves us so intimately He knows just how to speak to us. The blog below was written by Maribeth Stech, sister of Mike Verkaik, who I asked to share how her Father God ‘s voice is bringing her through a difficult season right now. Two years ago with the Covid running rampant my work […]

Restoring Your Soul

  Living near the ocean has many blessings for sure as the Father’s creative beauty paints a new picture daily, as for buildings well that is anther story. The combination of gale force winds stirring up sea salt and sand quickly strip away the exterior of the building as well as rusting any metal object […]

A Slice of Life: The Puzzle

Written by Patty Spykstra Over the last few months a puzzle was set up at Oceans Retreat Centre. This wasn’t just any 500-piece puzzle; it was a prayer-filled and purpose-filled puzzle. People seem to have differing opinions of puzzles. I have fond memories of puzzles at my parent’s house. Sharing life and snacks around the […]

Hope in the Winds of Adversity

  Holding on to my hat as I made my hike up the mountain knowing it was going to be a windy prayer time. But instead of going to my usual spot which blocks the wind I felt urged to ascend to the highest point. Gale force winds quickly caused me to get on all […]