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Reminders from the River – The Voice

Creation. God’s gift to us. Creation invites us to hear the Father’s Voice and bring solace to the soul. I welcome moments by the ocean, listening to the pattern of the rolling waves crashing on to the sandy shore. I also cherish time spent at the river, taking in the rhythm of the rocky mountain […]

Ripped Off and the Roar of Heaven

What a great picture of a precious daughter of the King who resides at a hotel in Holland, Michigan. The events of this day, as well as a host of other miracles, would not have happened, if Steve Grassmid’s tools weren’t ripped off by someone living at the hotel. Tools are everything for a contractor, […]

The Need for the Father!

Blog Written by Ray Haakonsen, Oceans Ministries South African Ambassador: This being the third post highlighting the country of South Africa and the role Oceans Ministries could have as we set up our Oceans Ministries International office at Oceans Retreat Center in Cape Town, I thought I would highlight the pressing challenge of Fatherlessness in […]

A Joshua & Caleb Spirit

Blog written by Ray Haakonsen, Oceans Ministries South Africa Ambassador: Continuing on from last week’s blog regarding current events in South Africa and the vision of Oceans Ministries, particularly with regard the newly acquired Retreat Center, my heart feels pulled strongly by the Holy Spirit toward the story of the 12 spies in Numbers 13:1-33. I encourage you to read it for yourself.  Moses sent out 12 spies, the chieftains, representing […]

Straight into the Flames!

I have asked Ray Haakonsen , Oceans South Africa Ambassador, to share with you in the next few blogs about the challenges facing South Africa as well as what we sense our all powerful God is up to in this incredible land of promise. I consider myself blessed to be a child of Africa, born, […]