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Adoring Spectator

Sunday, New Year’s Day our hearts were moved to tears through dance as a display of praise was demonstrated to a Faithful Father. She was an adoring spectator. Despite experiencing much pain in the past year she chose to express thanks and in doing so ushered each of us to join her as adoring spectators […]

The Gift of Peace

Written by Mike Verkaik As the we began the Christmas celebration with the residents from the motel this year a north wind was ushering in the long forecasted blizzard of 2022. There was no more dreaming of a white Christmas, it was bearing down upon us. As the winter storm brewed in the darkness outside […]

The Gift of a Place to Gather

By Patty Spykstra The mission of the Retreat Centre is to be a place, which seeks to develop authentic love relationships between the Father and His children, inspiring them to live out their Kingdom calling in the world. This December 25 marks the third Christmas here at Oceans Retreat Centre in Fish Hoek, South Africa. […]

The Gift of Hope in the Protea

It was a wonderful graduation celebration the other week at Oceanview Care Center. The children sparkled as they sang, acted out the Christmas story, and as each one proudly received their graduation certificate. The graduation speaker was a local artist who turned shipping containers into a wonderland of beauty, and brings such a sense of […]

The Gift of “Warming Up”

If you have participated in any type of sports or physical activity-even shoveling snow-you know how important it is to stretch your muscles and do a proper warm up. Failing to correctly warm up can lead to muscle damage, which may quickly side line you from the competition or keep you inactive. Our African sisters […]