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Look for the Water Spouts!

June through October is whale season here in South Africa. The Southern Right Whales come near the shore during this season to birth their calves. During the first few months of the visitors passing by local folk would ask me if I saw the whales in the bay. It seemed like everyone was seeing these […]

Shout It All Out!

Do you ever feel like shouting from the deepest place in your soul? I mean like so loud that you shake the neighborhood. It appears a lot of people today are having the urge.  We’ve been having our fair share of shouting in South Africa, the United States and around the world. I believe much […]

The Pilgrim’s Progress

Out of times of our greatest brokenness God births beautiful works for His glory! I was thinking about that while I set up the movie “Pilgrim’s Progress” for a group of high school girls at Oceans Retreat Center.  None of them had ever heard of John Bunyan nor his famous allegory first published in 1678; an […]