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A Horrible Roommate

Blog written by Mike Verkaik: This past Saturday I received a call from a friend. She was concerned for her neighbor who was struggling with the journey of life. He was hopeless and contemplating destructive decisions as his life spun out of his control, so she asked if I could come over. After a drive […]

What if the World Knew it had a Loving Father?

It was a beautiful autumn night as we walked out of the movie theater. So nice we kept walking pondering the documentary we just saw called, “Show me the Father.” I said to Patty, “if the world really knew the love of God as Father it would be a totally different place.” Healing would flood […]

Beauty, Baptism, and the Glorious Body of Christ

“Where have you seen the beauty of the Lord over the past year?” Patty and I were blessed to come back to the States for a short time for some ministry opportunities and an Oceans’ Board meeting. During the first night of our board meeting we discussed this question based on Psalm 27:4: “One thing […]

Its Where You Look

One of the blessings of power outages or load shedding in South Africa is how it enhances our view of the stars. Without light pollution the night sky in the Southern hemisphere is dazzling leaving one speechless. On a good night you can see the Southern Cross, which is composed of 5 stars in the […]

Run to the Battle!

Last week I spent 6 days with the Lord, His Word, and some amazing men. During a morning prayer time the Spirit brought to mind the chorus of a song I knew in high school- hadn’t heard in years, the lyrics are “Let’s run to the battle, we got to run, run to the battle.” […]