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Pray for Open Doors

“He is speaking right to me!” Have you ever felt the sermon was just for you? This past Sunday the pastor’s message struck a cord that has been ringing in the ears of my spirit ever since. “Prayer is hard work, probably the hardest spiritual discipline we will do,” stated Pastor Jeff. He went on […]

A Tapestry of Tragedy and Love

I asked Ray Haakonsen, Oceans South African Ambassador, to share this touching story of how even in times of painful loss the Father’s love shines through. As a high-energy individual I’m generally drawn to activities that require robust contact, are fast pace and involve sweat! My wife Sue on the other hand, is a patient, […]

63 days of Praise!

“Perfect love drives out fear!” For me these words from 1 John 4:18 are some of the most freeing in all of Scripture. If we are honest with ourselves fear can control much of our thinking and our lives. Since the first family walked away from the Father’s love in the garden of Eden we […]


“Somehow the dishes always need to be rinsed and loaded in the dishwasher!” My wife Patty has come up with a new nickname for me, “Always!” The possible reasoning behind this title are the words often repeat, “I always do the dishes!” The truth may be that I do not “always” follow through with this […]

Feel the Zeal!

The other week I was speaking with a group of pastors and church leaders in Denver about the journey of Oceans Ministries. In the middle of sharing about one of our stops along the way a lady blurted out, “ “Feel the Zeel!” Some people looked at her with a perplexing stare as she enthusiastically […]