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The Warrior Spirit

Where does courage come from? Watching reports from the invasion of Ukraine has been both gut wrenching and awe inspiring at the same time. Faced with insurmountable odds the Ukrainian people have displayed courage to resist the massive Russian army no matter what the cost. Why would unarmed civilians stand in the way of massive […]

Are you Listening?

“Tim are you listening?” I can still picture where I was sitting when my first grade teacher caught me checked out without a clue to what she just said. Listening is hard work and not just in school, but for all of life. It seems today many struggle with listening, we are checked out like […]

How do you identify?

It seems like the question of the day has to do with your identity. Meaning who you are and what you belong to. The culture has gone crazy with labels searching for illusive peace by figuring out one’s one’s belonging found in identity. Your tribe, race, gender, political leaning, super bowl pick, religious beliefs, social […]

“The Homemaker”

For quite some time now on Sunday mornings Mike and Dawn Verkaik and their team faithfully pick up children and teens from the Wooden Shoe Motel and bring them to Haven Church. After the worship service they loaded up the van and headed to a local fast food restaurant to treat them to lunch. Recently […]

You need to fight for the family!

In the congregation this past Sunday morning was a mother grieving the murder of her son due to gang violence. Another mom was heart broken because of the recent suicide of her son. And sitting right next to Patty and I was a young teenage girl who was miraculously just rescued from a sex trafficking […]