Day 13 of 40 – I Am Your Provision

Is there something right now that God is asking you to do that would require you to step out in faith and trust Him to be your provision? If so, spend time asking God to give you faith to trust Him with your life and strength to follow His lead.

Day 12 of 40 – Prayers in Private

How can the circumstances of your life be used by the Father to draw you to Him prayer?

Catching the Next Wave – Refocus


There is an art to catching just the right wave. That day on the pier watching my friend’s son catch wave after wave it was obvious he knew the right wave and when to paddle for it. His eyes studied the on coming wave and experience taught him this is the one. It was a matter of focus.


I sense the Spirit is preparing God’s children for the next spiritual wave by calling out loudly for us to Refocus! I know many who are continuing to experience a season of Refinement. Being tossed to and fro by the waves of adversity has a way of causing us to realign and refocus on what is foundational to life.


Last week two spiritual heroes of mine passed away-Billy Graham and Rick Gallagher. Much media coverage was given with the death of 99 year-old Billy Graham; I heard one interview where Rev. Graham was asked if he could do anything over again what would he change in his life? His response, “pray more travel less!” With those powerful words I hear a challenge to refocus my life on making prayer and the presence of God priority.


Over the last 10 years there is probably no one other than my wife who I have logged more prayer time with and have been prayed for by than my dear friend Rick. Even a few days before He saw Jesus face to face he called and while fighting for each and every breath faithfully brought my family, Oceans, and myself before the throne room of grace. I can’t tell you how I will miss these calls.


These two spiritual wave riders knew that to focus one’s life around prayer is the greatest fruit of living in a loving trust relationship with our Savior. My friend Rick’s physical body had been breaking down for a number of years. Yet through this struggle Abba Father refined and refocused his life. As his body failed his spirit became strong and through his prayer life he enabled many of us to catch one more spiritual wave. This love relationship realized in intimate communion with our Heavenly Father is not just available to Rick, but to each of us.


I hear the Spirit of Jesus calling His people to refocus and accept the absolute trust relationship that is anchored in prayer. Sincere, heartfelt prayer demonstrates a total dependence on God. Jesus clearly stated the # 1 commandment was:


Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence (Matthew 23:37, MSG).


You and I can refocus and live in a passionate love relationship with our Father through prayer. We can saturate our souls by hiding His Word in our hearts. And YES, we will be prepared to catch the next wave of His Spirit.


Where is your focus today? What is consuming your attention? Do you hear the Spirit of Christ saying turn your focus back to a love relationship with your Father God. You can experience intimate communion with Him!

Day 11 of 40 – Just Like Us

How can the circumstances of your life be used by the Father to draw you to Him prayer?

Day 10 of 40 – Final Words from the Mountain

Be challenged to memorize Psalm 90:14. Read it over and over so that you daily experience the joy and gladness that comes from God’s unfailing love.