1 Thing – Dwelling in His Presence-Africa

Despite the fact that Tim has traveled to Africa more than twenty times, I am experiencing Lesotho for the second time, however two years in a row. The fact that I was the last to set foot on the soil of Lesotho in our family of five was because Tim and I both felt that experiencing life from a different cultural perspective was important for our kids and so we offered the opportunity to each of them. Apparently our three kids were up for the challenge as each of them was able to travel with Tim to Lesotho, our oldest daughter even studied for a semester in South Africa during college. Our youngest daughter has been to Mexico more times than Tim and I combined and not sure if it counts but our son is currently spending the summer in Iowa and a semester in Chicago next year.

“ONE THING I ask of the LORD this is what I seek that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple,” (Psalm 27:4)

As far as I can tell dwelling in the house of the Lord can happen in any country, virtually in any place and any time. Dwelling in my opinion is being, BEING aware of God’s presence wherever and whenever, sure the church building may be a wonderful place to find God’s presence, but truly it goes beyond that. Dwelling is experiencing, it is relational, it takes time and energy, in many ways it is BEING STILL and knowing I am God. Although on Sunday the team we are traveling with joined the local congregation and sang that song with a lot of volume and action, it was a long way from a peaceful and quiet chorus, however it certainly could be categorized as focused, engaged and being very aware of God’s presence.

What about the newly arrived infant, barely a month old that came to Beautiful Gate Care Center on our first night arriving with the team. The fifteen of us had a very different journey of packing, planes and changing time zones. This precious baby girl had a journey that included being left who knows why and where? Could the presence of God be evident in such sadness? This baby tightly wrapped in a warm blanket and lovingly placed in the arms of workers at the care center has a new home and much hope. Each student had the privilege of holding this little one and gazing into her eyes before she fell asleep. The loving arms of our Savior held this little one and without a doubt revealed the presence of God.

What about the sunset at the top of Lancers Gap? Hearing the wind amongst the barking dogs and honking taxis was the presence of God there as sheep wandered past on the hilltop and echoing voices could be heard in the background? Yes, yes the scene was breathtaking as the sun dipped below the mountain and the sky changed colors and the temperature dropped. Yes, God’s presence was evident in such majesty.

I could go on with other specific examples of my time here in Lesotho, but those of you have opened your heart and life to others whether that be across the street, from another age group or religious affiliation knows what I am talking about. Those of you who have traveled to Israel, Africa or even Lesotho to visit, no rather “experience or BE” apart of Beautiful Gate can attest to dwelling in the presence of God. You don’t have to travel to Lesotho to know what it is like to experience God, but consider yourself invited if you ever decide to come!

May you DWELL….BE….EXPERIENCE….KNOW GOD at this moment, wherever you are and whatever life may hold at the moment.


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  1. Michele Bennett
    Michele Bennett says:

    Dear, sweet, Patty -what a joy to read your words as you share about experiencing His presence in our lives. So true that all it takes is pausing sometimes for long periods of time but mostly for just a moment to realize Who it is that has orchestrated what we are experiencing. It can change our perception quickly. Thank-you Jesus!
    Continuing to pray for what Abba will do with all the hearts that were in Lesotho the past couple of weeks. Bless you my sister and I think maybe you are pretty good at this blogging thing too?


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