A Place of Rest

Pastor Nevson

Written by Patty Spykstra

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest…”
– Matthew 11:28

During these days of COVID and all the bombardment of social media we need this time of rest now more than ever.  As a Pastor’s wife I vividly recall the wonderful days of ministry and sharing life with people who became family. Together we worshipped, prayed, served, rejoiced and carried one another’s burdens. Together we planned and reached out to those who did not know a good Father, the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins, and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit. They are days I will always cherish. 

As Oceans Retreat Center became a reality we knew we wanted to create a place for ministry leaders to rest and be healed. I will never forget the times when a cabin was offered in the mountains or on the beach. It was such a breath of fresh air, a time to experience peace and letting go of the cares of ministry, to let the arms of a loving Savior embrace my husband and our family. 

So it was a JOY it was to offer Pastor Nevson the opportunity to stay in a flat/apartment for a quiet time of reflection, prayer, study and renewal.  Pastor Nevson serves a congregation in the local township and lives in a shack with his wife and four boys. Pastor Nevson was most grateful for the rest and refreshment he encountered.  Hopefully he can come back at another time with his family. 

What a JOY it was to have Busi and her four boys stay at Oceans Retreat Center. It was particularly special as Busi’s mom is Thobeka, who lives and works on campus. Thobeka and daughter Sunny planned a hike up Elsie’s Peak complete with snacks to enjoy. They all loved jumping waves at the beach, playing in the sand, and sharing quality family. It was so fun to be able to join them for dinner one evening and hear the laughter. We wish Bulelani could have come as well; hopefully he enjoyed a few moments of rest in the midst meetings.

Busi & the boys

We would love to have YOU come to rest here at Oceans Retreat Center for a time of renewal, or if you can’t catch a flight, we pray you can experience the Father’s love and rest somewhere close by. I know I still need this time to leave the burdens of the day in His hands and receive His rest.

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  1. Valerie Herder
    Valerie Herder says:

    Thanks for the wonderful words, Patty! I have no problem imagining the rest and joy you and Tim bring to the lives of those who visit! It’s great to put names and faces to those that you serve and what a blessing for them to have an oasis for a stint. It never ceases to amaze me how God intricately knows exactly when and where we need those times.

    May God’s face continue to shine on you as you share his love and rest with others!



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