“Somehow the dishes always need to be rinsed and loaded in the dishwasher!” My wife Patty has come up with a new nickname for me, “Always!” The possible reasoning behind this title are the words often repeat, “I always do the dishes!” The truth may be that I do not “always” follow through with this repetitive chore, and when that is the case, I am “always” reminded of this fact.

“Always” no doubt a potent word. And my wife has made her point that I may want to eliminate it when talking about dish duty. However, the Apostle Paul uses the word “always” as a command given to us that has life transforming power.

“Always be joyful, keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1. Thessalonians 5:16 (NLT)

The secret to living a life infused with heavens love, joy and peace is to “always” have a spirit of rejoicing and thanksgiving no matter what life is throwing at you. Paul says this is priority one for those who have been brought into the family of God through Christ Jesus. Because we “belong” our sinful past has been paid for at the cross and the present is filled with the presence of God living in us through the Holy Spirit who reminds us that we are forever loved sons and daughters of a Good Good Father.

I’m continually learning that when I stop and give praise and thanksgiving for all I have been given in Christ Jesus no matter what the circumstance my fears are replaced by the forever love of the Father. It is no wonder that praise and thanksgiving is God’s #1 desire for His sons and daughters.

This Thanksgiving season is a wonderful reminder for us to “always be joyfulalways be thankful!” Not just on Thanksgiving Day-but ever single moment. I know this is not always easy, but doing so you will release heaven’s gifts into your heart! This life style becomes infectious and the world will wonder what you are on – simply tell them Jesus!!!!

Personally, all of us at Oceans Ministries are overwhelmed with Praise & Thanksgiving for all our Good Father has done this year and how He has used so many of you to come along side of us to make His love and name known to spiritual & physical orphans around the world. Thank you for helping spread His love to prisoners, the homeless in hotels in Aurora ,Colorado and Holland, Michigan, retreats, chapels, preaching, mission trips to Lesotho & South Africa, providing funds and muscle to build Abba’s place house at Beautiful Gate orphanage, the purchase & launching of Oceans Retreat Center in Fish Hoek, South Africa and new opportunities for us to do ministry in the townships in South Africa. We are truly overwhelmed by the goodness of God and praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for using so many of you to enable this and so much more to happen!!! From the depths of our souls we thank God for you!

As those who belong to Jesus may we “ALWAYS” seek to be JOYFUL and THANKFUL!

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