Attracting the Dove – A Longing Soul

I so appreciated the “dove” sightings that were shared with me after the last blog. One of the pictures and stories, which blessed me, was from Karen, whose husband Rick passed away in March. Rick, was and I believe still is, a prayer warrior for many of us as he sits with Christ in the heavenly realm, which makes this picture and story super special.



Karen says: “This lovely dove has been here over a month. She laid, sat, and hatched 2 babies then they all left for a little over a week but I saw them in the flowerbeds as she nurtured them in survival skills. Now she is back sitting in the nest again in the stag horn fern on my patio. She gently reminds me the Holy Spirit is indeed always with me.”


What attracts the Holy Spirit to settle upon our soul? A soul in need that longs after the presence of God. I can’t help but think that our Good Father sent a physical dove to Karen to remind her that in her pain and loss of Rick, His glorious presence is filling her and comforting her in the midst of her wilderness of loss.


One of the reasons that the Dove came upon Jesus at His Baptism and “remained upon Him” (Jn. 1:32) was because His deepest longing was for the presence of the Father’s love. Jesus modeled this longing through out His life. At the age of 12 He chose the Father over Mary and Joseph (Lk. 2:49) and on the cross screams from the depth of His soul as He feels the separation from the Father’s love that had daily sustained Him (Matthew 27:46).


After the resurrection Jesus has a teachable moment with the disciples taking time to reiterate their soul need for the Holy Spirit. In fact He tells them before He ascends to heaven not to do any ministry until the gift of the Father’s love comes by way of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4-5). The disciples heard, obeyed, and the Father delivered the Dove to their longing souls.


We are living in great days! Yes, I know it may seem the opposite with the natural disasters, political unrest around the world, daily reports of school shootings, etc. But I believe such circumstances are creating a longing for something the American dream can’t bring to our souls, the supernatural love of the Father.


The Dove will come and nest in a soul that longs for the presence of God more than anything else in the world. Augustine of Hippo got is right when he said: “Thou has made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.” So what are you longing for?

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