Being with my Father

I asked Mike Verkaik to share this beautiful reflection with you from our recent Africa trip.

It is morning in Lesotho. The sun has just crested over the hill to the east and I am squinting in the sun. It has been the first day I have gotten up early and spent this amazing time with my Father in the stillness of the morning. I always love the picture of life at this time of the morning. The calls of nature and stillness in one ear, the faint taxi horns from the business of the city in the other. Mornings started like this are a blessing that give me perspective to my day. As I sit here journaling the day has begun. First a van full of housemothers arrives. As they approach the small bridge in the middle of the Beautiful Gate campus I hear the faint sounds of singing, laughing and joy that is so common here.

It is at this time Abba revealed another revelation of the relationship He wants to have with me. As the Bo-Mme continued to walk and sing, the children heard them coming and ran to the large picture window and erupted into shouts and screams of joy as their mother was returning to spend time with them. This is the way I want to feel each morning as I wake up to my Abba Father waiting for me to run to that window, that open door excited to be in His presence as my day begins.

Every time I dwell with these Basotho children, they continue to teach me so much about the relationship my heavenly Father longs to have with me and I with Him. It is a relationship, which brings me freedom, peace and joy when I truly trust that He is a good Father, strong and mighty, yet compassionate and loving. Oh, to daily wake up seeking Him and excited to be in His presence as we journey together through another day.

As I experienced this moment through the children at Beautiful Gate I was reading from the book of Revelation. John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, who walked, sat and talked with Jesus daily, and saw Him glorified on the mount of transfiguration ended his life in prison worshipping and praying. No bitterness or resentment noted, just praise, worship and being in the Spirit. No hesitation that it was all worth it.

This trip has not been perfect. Sprained ankle, sickness, schedule changes and protests have altered our plans. However, as I reflect this morning on John, “my brother and companion in the suffering and kingdom and patience endurance that are ours in Jesus” (Rev. 1:9), I wake up realizing that the circumstances of this life don’t define the favor of my God. Being a forgiven child, loved by my Father and made to be a kingdom and priest to serve him is why I want to daily anticipate being in His presence to worship and give Him glory.

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