Touched by an Angel – It Changes You

Written by Ray Haakonsen, Oceans South African Ambassador: I’m certain many are aware of a TV series from some time back Titled ‘Touched by an Angel’ where lives were changed for the good due to an ‘Angel assignment’ that intercepted lives. In the series the Angel was ‘sent from heaven’ as a task from God […]

Standing on Holy Ground

I asked Mike Verkaik to share about our worship experience this last Sunday. This past Sunday I was blessed to worship in the Masiphumelele Township near Cape Town, South Africa. As we made that right turn into the township, the community changed drastically from the previous roads we had been on. We passed a Catholic […]

Life Outside the Comfort Zone!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!” A friend shared that statement with Patty and me the other night and I have been thinking about it ever since. By nature we seek-out comfort or environments that we think we can control, places that seem safe and familiar. In fact the “comfort zone” is […]

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a Party!

‘Tis the season for parties! We see in the Gospels that Jesus loved to attend dinner parties, weddings and festivals. He loved parties because He loved people and wanted them to taste what His Kingdom of grace and love! In one of Jesus’ parables He tells of a man throwing a big party and sending […]

Pray for Open Doors

“He is speaking right to me!” Have you ever felt the sermon was just for you? This past Sunday the pastor’s message struck a cord that has been ringing in the ears of my spirit ever since. “Prayer is hard work, probably the hardest spiritual discipline we will do,” stated Pastor Jeff. He went on […]

A Tapestry of Tragedy and Love

I asked Ray Haakonsen, Oceans South African Ambassador, to share this touching story of how even in times of painful loss the Father’s love shines through. As a high-energy individual I’m generally drawn to activities that require robust contact, are fast pace and involve sweat! My wife Sue on the other hand, is a patient, […]