The River

Growing up in Colorado some of my best memories were by the river. Hiking, rafting, fishing-even though rarely ever catching any-or just sitting by a river listening to the water crashing against the rocks. Idyllic. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love how The River represents a powerful move of God’s children in […]

10 Years – What a Father!

I had to apologize to the mothers this past Sunday at the church where I was preaching, as the message  was not going to be a  typical Mother’s Day theme. Instead I wanted to share a scripture that still held a significant meaning for not just me but also my family. You see, 10 years […]

Don’t’ Miss Thursday!

Our world would be a different place if we didn’t miss Thursday. In fact what a change there would be in those who claim to be part of the family of God is we didn’t miss Thursday. In the text we have been pondering for the last few weeks we see Jesus indirectly telling Mary […]

Becoming a Beautiful House – Soothed

How our minds and the truths in scripture are intertwined continues to astonish me. Attending and speaking at the conference “Just Jesus” for Christian Counselors in the Cape Town area, was a blessing. One presenter in particular who shared research linking childhood trauma, the mind, and future addictions particularly caught my attention. For example when […]

Becoming A Beautiful House – Seen

This past Sunday my wife Patty and I were invited to join the Gospel Outreach Church in Masiphumelele  to celebrate with them the remodeling of their building. About three years ago a generous gift was give to Oceans Ministries, which allowed us to contribute to this much needed expansion. In Africa everything moves slowly so […]

The Gardener Within

Remember Mary Magdalene crying that Sunday morning at the tomb? She addressed Jesus as The gardener!!!