The Healing Power of the Word!

  For the next few blogs Danell Czarnecki with share key thoughts on inner healing from Oceans conference in South Africa. It’s been a few weeks since Ken and I returned home from South Africa and our mind, heart and spirits are still filled with awe and gratitude for what God is doing in the […]

Why the Wilderness?

Where has God revealed Himself most in your life? For me it has been in seasons of difficulty and trials. Those wilderness wandering times seem to be when I hear the Father speak the loudest. Our recent trip to Israel started out in the hot, dry wilderness. This is intentional as the desert is where […]

Rediscovering the Giant Slayer

Victory is always found in Vision! One of our first stops on our Israel tour was to the hilly area of Azekah. Climbing to the top of the hill the famous Elah Valley, where one of the most epic battles in Biblical history took place. Perhaps you recall the giant Goliath? He along with the […]

Drinking from the River!

On Pentecost Sunday I was wide-awake at 4 AM and filled with gratitude to be in Jerusalem. Staying in a hotel just over a mile from the Old City, I kept feeling the nudge to venture to the southern steps of the temple mount where over 2000 years ago the dam of heaven broke and […]

“This is the Day…”

Blog written by Ken & Danell Czarnecki Board Members of Oceans Ministries                                “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”                          […]

Inner Healing

  “In order to get rid of the rats you need to take out the garbage!” Those attending the Discover Inner Healing Conference certainly won’t forget this vivid illustration used by Danell Czarnecki. The enemy comes in like rats eating away at our soul, feasting on our past hurts, wounds, trauma, and bitter roots that […]