Finding Your Song: One Thing!

Steak, maple bacon, homemade apple , a beautiful cabin by a river,  and studying God’s Word with a group of men,  it was an amazing weekend!  During our 3 days together we dove into the life of David and discovered why this worshiping, warrior who had been wounded by many sins was called a “man […]

A Prayer for A fine!

Blog written by Ray Haakonsen: I was privileged to be part of  the recent visit by an Oceans team from various States to the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. We had just attended a blessed church service and lunch at Ooh La la in Maseru town and were excitedly on our way to a ground breaking […]

A Dirty Job and the Power of the Gospel

Once again the Oceans Team witnessed an amazing move of God. It is with incredible joy that I share this blog written by Jim Nydam.  It was a long awaited trip to Lesotho, South Africa to spend a week volunteering at Beautiful Gate. My wife, Chris, planned to spend time assisting the child care workers and care for orphaned babies and I was scheduled to make facility improvements with […]

A Sabbath To Remember

Written by Mike Verkaik: Oh Jehovah, you are my rock of ages, is the chorus we sang repeatedly at the CRC in Lesotho, Africa this past Sunday.  As we sang and swayed to the lyrics of the song I was standing next to a Basotho brother who was helping me as I struggled to sing […]

The Power of Prophetic Words

By God’s good providence Patty and I ended up having lunch with a group of my daughter’s friends in a coffee shop called Gracefull Café in Littleton, Colorado.  Gracefull has an amazing mission “to provide a home in the Littleton community where people of all backgrounds can gather, eat well and be inspired to give […]

He’s a good good Father – Thats who He is!

Post written by Ray Haakonsen: Just over 7 years ago, Sue I, with our 2 adopted daughters, Teka and Lineo, moved from Lesotho to Cape Town, following 24 years in ‘formal missions’. The last 10 years we had co-founded and built up Beautiful Gate Lesotho and saw how our stepping out as an ordinary couple […]