Changing the Atmosphere


Every Tuesday for the last year, we’ve knocked on Bronco Willy’s* door at a motel on East Colfax and asked him if he’d like burritos, bananas, chocolate chip cookies, and prayer. He usually says yes to all of the above. Willy is often sporting a Denver Bronco shirt and loves talking about football. After “Bronco talk,” Willy proceeds to share his prayer needs, which includes his battle with dark thoughts and feelings of insignificance. The ministry teams from Jesus on Colfax have turned Willy’s front door into a Holy place, pleading with the Father to show our brother His powerful love through the gift of His Son Jesus Christ.

A few weeks ago Nate, one of the team members, spent a longer time then normal with Willy. When I walked by his door Nate had his hands on Willy’s shoulder and was praying fervently. As our groups finished the night and gathered together, Nate joined us beaming, and told us that Willy asked to receive Jesus into His heart. We all rejoiced with the courts of heaven at the miracle of salvation that broke into Willy’s life that night. After a year of praying with Willy for Jesus to release him from the darkness and bring him into the marvelous light of the Father’s love–heaven broke in. Alleluia indeed!

As we knocked on Willy’s door last Tuesday he opened the door with a smile. Instead of our small talk about the Broncos, he shared with us how he took the bus to church, and even though he got lost, eventually got to the right building and was overwhelmed by the love he experienced. Thank you God!!!

The miracle in Bronco Willy’s life shouts out to the life-changing power of prevailing prayer to change the atmosphere from bondage and darkness to the brightness of heaven’s glory invading earth. Tuesday nights on East Colfax in Aurora, Colorado can be extremely dark as Satan’s demons lurk in broken hearts that have attempted to find healing in his awful lies–lies that bring chaos and destruction. But over time we have witnessed how persevering prayer is our greatest weapon to pierce the darkness with the all-consuming light of the Father’s love for His children.

As I ponder the events going on in our world the last few weeks; protests filled with demonic hate, the never ending terrorist attacks, senseless murders, threats of nuclear war, crisis in churches, etc. There is only one way to change the atmosphere and that is through persistent prevailing prayer. Our enemy hates prayer and he knows when we keep “asking, seeking, and knocking” our Father is going to hear and unleash the gift of His Holy Spirit to flood the atmosphere with His glory (Luke 11:9-13).

Prayer changes the atmosphere. Prayer brings hope and that is exactly what the book Climbing Prayer Mountain is about–encouraging God’s children to develop a deeper relationship with Him in prayer. When that happens the atmosphere of His love begins to transform our lives and the lives of those around us, resulting in His Heavenly Kingdom invading earth. I appreciate so many of you letting me know you have already ordered a copy, please know I am praying our Good Father will use it for His glory as you seek Him in prayer. If this is the first time you are hearing about the book, feel free to go to find out more.

*name changed

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  1. Patty Spykstra
    Patty Spykstra says:

    Every single Tuesday night brings unexpected burdens and blessings….seeing “Bronco WIlly” ask for what he sees in the team members each week is definitely a highlight! Praying continued protection over him and all those who call Colfax motels home.


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