The Favor of the Father’s Face – The Fame of His Name

The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn His face toward you and give you peace. So they will put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them. Numbers 6:24-27

I was claiming my luggage at the Lesotho Airport and ended up “dialoguing” with a customs agent. I toted two large suitcases filled with backpacks for Bountiful Hope orphans high school students with me and didn’t have the proper paper work. No amount of pleading was going to keep the agent from confiscating the backpacks until I produced the proper documentation. As we stared at each other I added that I had flown in from the States to take part in a ceremony at Beautiful Gate. Her sullen face changed to a smile as she remarked, “You are here for the Beautiful Gate celebration!” That name changed everything. Before I knew it I was ushered into the customs office and talked with another agent and eventually after paying a small tax the backpacks were freed!

The name Beautiful Gate carried with it the power to change my circumstances. The reputation of Beautiful Gate as a place that blesses and cares for abandoned babies has spread through the small country and brought me favor in the customs office that morning.

When the Face of our Father shines on us with heavens grace and peace we take on His great name. We are no longer our own, we belong to the Father, through the work of His Son Jesus who writes His name on our heart with His own perfect, precious blood. The Father’s name on us releases us from the bondage of sin and the power of Satan to live as sons and daughters in His Kingdom with authority.

When the Father blesses us and shines His face upon us powerful release happens and we journey with Him on a miraculous adventure that brings glory and fame to His name. Just like when God brought Israel out of 400 years of slavery with signs and wonders the nations took notice that God of the Israelites was mighty and glorious, there was no God like Him.

I believe a new season is upon us and the Father wants His children to live in the power of His great name given to us through faith in Jesus. We have been given The Name above all names and He is calling His children to walk in the miraculous authority of it.

All I had to do was mention the name Beautiful Gate to the custom’s office and everything changed. Claim the name of Jesus Christ as your Savior and God as your Heavenly Father, and you will walk in the authority and power of the Holy Spirit and bring fame to His Great Name in all that He is calling you to do!


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