“Graves into Gardens”

On Resurrection Sunday singing the song “Graves into Gardens” reminded me about the power of the Gospel to transform the most broken places, such as a grave, into a place of beauty, a garden.

Resurrection Day is the believers victory day!  All our sin, pain, and brokenness was buried with Christ in His death and on the 3rd day when the Father raised up His beloved Son, the curse of sin and death was broken forever. Faith is the gift given by Jesus to bring us back into fellowship with our Father into a “New Garden” where there is restoration.

As we were singing the chorus….

“You turn graves into gardens, You turn bones into armies, You turn seas into highways, You’re the only One who can…”

a picture of a township Oceans has recently been involved in flashed into my mind. This relatively unknown space just outside of Cape Town, (in the picture above) is a place of extreme poverty and brokenness and basically a dump. Yet, these are the places where Jesus loves to unleash His Resurrection Power and turn graves into gardens.

On Good Friday that dump turned into a place of worship as hundreds from the community were fed both physical and spiritual food. The gospel message that Christ Jesus can take His children out of death and bring them true life was heard. It has been amazing to watch God use our friend Pastor Raymond his wife Pamela, and their team  “Love in Action” beautify this place with the love of the King.

Because of the Resurrection and the Spirit of Jesus living in His children our brokenness and weakness can be transformed into something beautiful.  Our sin and filth is a spiritual dumping ground, and yet because of Jesus, all of this is forever buried in a grave just outside Jerusalem and transformed into a new garden producing fruit that brings glory to our Father. Fruit that will spill over into the world with His love in action. The Holy Spirit can bring life into the darkest places.

Jimshebosh Township is being transformed by the Power of the Resurrection through the gospel of love. May you find hope today in the power of the Resurrection and a Father God who loves to turn graves into gardens.

**The pictures that follow are the building just erected on a cleared dump. Preparations are being made to make this into a  ministry center for feeding the community as well as a much needed pre-school for the children. Thank you to those in the Ocean family for your part in turning graves (and dumps) into a garden for God’s glory!






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