Heaven Came to the Junk Room

Written by Mike Verkaik

The room in the center of the Wooden Shoe motel is called the banquet hall. During the early years of the motel’s existence it hosted receptions, celebrations and weddings. Though there are remnants of those festive years, the room is mostly used as a storage room for spare parts, broken furniture and Christmas decorations.

However, a week ago Sunday this stained and junk filled room was radiant with the majesty of King Jesus as songs of praise and worship were lifted up to the throne room of our Father. The empty cross of Jesus was at the center of not only this room, but of the whole motel as our Savior’s name was proclaimed as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

This was our first worship service held at the motel. We continue to be amazed at how Abba is opening doors for His name to be proclaimed in various ways. Receiving permission to have a worship service each Sunday is continued assurance that our Father is reclaiming this motel for His glory.

As we prayed before our worship time, we openly admitted that we had no idea how many people would come, but were given contentment that even if it was just the volunteers, we would be thankful to proclaim Jesus’ name from the center of this establishment. We were overjoyed to see 15 people show up, including 4 adults. Once again the gathering was led by the children as they took the front seats looking forward for another opportunity to learn and sing praises to their Father in heaven.

Each day we are seeing Jesus’ words lived out as He called the children to him and said, “ Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Luke 18:16)

As we dwell, pray and develop relationships with residents at the motel, this is a question asked frequently. What church are you from? As we tell them our church location and name many will express interest in joining us in worship. Yet, few have followed through from their desire on a weekday to the fulfillment on a Sunday. We are excited to have them now join us as we continue to establish His church at the motel, and bring the familiar good news of Jesus to them. So many of the residents are those who have received the good seed of the Word, but have not developed good soil to hear the word, retain it, and by preserving produce a crop. (Luke 8:15b)

Would you join us at Oceans Ministries in praying for His church to be established and flourish at the center of the Wooden Shoe motel, so that it will bear fruit and disciple the residents that are looking for a community of believers, or have walked away in there shame and addictions. May His kingdom come, and His will be done as we faithful follow our Savior’s steps to make our Father known.


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