Mount Trust – The Guide

Last week I shared about our youthful guides who led us on a wrong trail at the beginning of the hike into the heart of the Rockies. Good thing it was early on and the “old guys” still had enough air in our lungs to laugh it off. We continued to trust these guys, not that we had any other choices, yet we believed they had the ability to lead us to our destination and later bring us safely back down the mountain. Trust demands relinquished control; it is placing our lives in the hands of someone or something else.

To survive the challenging journey up Mount Trust involves trust. Proverbs 3:5 directs us to The Guide we are called to trust in this climb, He is “The LORD…” the Jewish word “Yahweh.” This is a powerful name used in Israel’s history to highlight a God who keeps His promises, the Great I AM, who guided His people out of Egypt with His mighty hand and led them miraculously to the Promise Land. This is The Name that finds its fullness in the coming of the Son of God, Jesus, who also claimed himself as the “I AM,” John 8:58. Jesus is The Guide chosen by the Father to lead us up into the mountain of His glorious presence.

Jesus has all the qualifications to take us up Mount Trust; He traveled it before us. This Guide knows the green pastures, the quiet waters, the right paths, the valley of suffering, and the banqueting table. This Guide completely trusted The Father as He traveled up that mountain to the cross, to give his life for our sins. The only way you and I can conquer our epic trek up the Mount is by trusting The Guide, trusting even when we may wonder if He took us on a wrong turn. I will be honest; at times I think The Guide may need some extra help, my help. I think an easier, more scenic trail would be a much better route than the one he has chosen for me. My way would be more of a stroll around a scenic lake, and definitely would not include a 40-pound backpack or any other “cross to bear.” Yet, even this morning in my reading, The Guide said; “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” And then he added this, “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it,” Mt. 16:24-25.

Again, I’m reminded that the text does not say, “Trust in Tim…” Tim’s way would never bring me to the place the Father has prepared for me. Tim’s way would only lead to a loss of my soul. A dear friend Barb emailed me the following in response to last week’s blog. She gave me permission to share it; her words are a fitting way to conclude.

When I read about the 45-50 lb. backpacks, I can’t help but think of our journey up Mount Trust. The weight carried…weights of life, grief etc. We continue up the Mountain trusting…Fixing our eyes on Jesus….knowing He will meet us and give Life and rest, eternally. Amen!!!! 

May you TRUST the GREAT I AM, our GUIDE, on this day-to-day journey!




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