Open Heavens


“Hey Tim you need to come take a look at this painting with the clouds!”


Earlier in the week I was telling Mike Verkaik how I sensed God speaking to me and it had to do with clouds (More details to follow in future blogs). Curious to see what Mike was talking about I followed him to see the painting and sure enough I was truly blessed.


Both of us were attending the conference Open Heavens and during one of the first sessions an artist painted while we sang and worshiped. The finished work of art result is above. I would have loved to take the painting home-but it would have been difficult on the plane. I’ll have to wait for a smaller print to be made.


You won’t want to miss the artist’s meaning behind the picture:


Childlikeness climbs up the ladder of faith.

In an Open Heaven of God’s Presence anything is possible!


(Theresa Dedmon)


One of my prayers the last few years has been for the Father to give me simple childlike faith. A faith that believes my “Daddy in Heaven” can do far more than I could ever hope for or imagine. That as His beloved child I would learn to daily dwell in His presence and let my life flow out of His loving affection for me.


Take a few minutes and prayerfully meditate on the picture of the painting. May it lead you to rest in His overwhelming love for you. Go ahead and hand over your impossible into His big hands. Allow Him to do something glorious with this impossibility as you exercise your childlike faith.




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