The Revelation of the Father – Walking on His Promises

I still remember that balmy night sharing a cup of coffee at a café near the old city of Jerusalem. I was with a fellow graduate student in our study program. Craig said to me, “Tim, once you experience God in Israel you will have a passion to return.” He spoke as one with experience, as this was his 7th trip to Israel. And I will vouch that Craig was absolutely right. The moment the plane landed I truly felt a peaceful presence, a feeling like somehow this was home!


I am definitely a visual learner and all my senses came alive as we traveled through this small country. The Words of Scripture sprung to life. So many truths of the Father’s faithful promises were evident. One excursion took us to the southern desert ruins of Beersheba where Abraham lived and worshiped God. We trekked down to the well he dug, the same well Isaac reopened some years later, and the place where God spoke to Isaac and said:


I am the God of your Father Abraham. Do not be afraid for I am with you; I will bless you and will increase the number of your descendants for the sake of my servant Abraham. Isaac built an altar there and called on the name of the LORD… (Gen. 26:23-25).


I have never been able to forget that day at Beersheba and God speaking through the land and His Word. It was an unbelievable moment to comprehend as I stood in the very place where Abraham and his son both worshiped God over 4000 years earlier. Abraham, and his miracle child Isaac, learned to trust in their Father God’s promises even when the promises seemed slow in coming. Yet, they handed over their hearts to their Father God in surrendered worship and believed and acted on the impossible.


That day as I walked on that sacred ground of promise, I couldn’t help but think that through Jesus I am one of Abraham’s “descendants” as I trust in a Father who does the impossible and keeps His promises-go ahead and read Romans 4. I believe in this next move of God the Spirit is calling us back to believe in a Father God who has the power to do the impossible in and through His children who trust in Him. We even have a greater advantage over Abraham as we have seen many of the promises of Abraham already fulfilled climaxing in Christ Jesus the King!


So may you walk boldly on His Promises as children of Father Abraham, even in the midst of this fractured, hurting world may you trust in the powerful promises of the Father’s love, which give you abundant life.



Also, if you desire to join us as we physically walk on the Land of Promise a few spots are still available for the June 18-29, 2018 trip. Please contact Bryan Vander Tuig or Tim Spykstra


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