Sovereign of the Sea

Blog written by Pastor Bill Bierling


Sitting here by the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Town, South Africa, Harriet & I have been 
privileged to be part of the dedication of  Oceans Retreat Center.  The passage of Scripture shared was the story of Jesus stilling the sea in Mark 4: 35-41. Notice that Jesus called the disciples to go to the other side of the sea. Little did anyone realize that for Oceans this would involve a move to South Africa for Tim and Patty-literally across the sea-joining Ray & Kegan at Oceans Retreat Center. Thankfully, just as Jesus was with the disciples sleeping on the boat that day on the Sea of Galilee, He is also with us on whatever journey we may be on- the wonderful human Jesus-who understands exactly what we are experiencing this very moment.  

How we need that Jesus to identify with us in all of our humanness- our struggles, our fears, our loneliness, our disappointments & whatever other storms may arrive. We are so glad for Oceans Ministries & for each of us that we not only have the human Jesus, but also the Divine Jesus with us as well. This is the Jesus of John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word & the Word was with God & the Word was God.” We see this divine Jesus rise up in the storm. 
He speaks, “Quiet! Be Still!”

Then the waters were calm. 

Thank God for the Master of Miracles; the One who is the  Sovereign of the Sea. Incredible! He is the One with us as we move ahead in the future. Let Him still the storms that will come. Let Him invade the darkness with His light & His power. Let the Sovereign of the Sea reign in your lives. May we all in humble wonderment and amazement say, “Who is this that the winds and the ways obey Him?”

Our only response can be, HE IS THE SOVEREIGN OF THE SEA! As Oceans Ministries International steps into uncharted territory of townships, homelessness, loneliness, darkness, hopelessness and fatherlessness, may the human Jesus and the divine Jesus be ever present!

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  1. Ray Haakonsen
    Ray Haakonsen says:

    Oh dear Bill (and Harriet), what joy to have you here with us at such a blessed moment in Oceans hostory.
    Loved your message at the dedication Pastor Bill and so blessed to see you both enjoy what God has done over all the years 🙏

    He indeed is with us in the boat and Sovereign over the sea and our lives.

    We have relationship with a good good Father ❤

  2. Holly
    Holly says:

    Pastor Bill!! It was such a joy to get to know you and Harriet! We are blessed to serve and awesome God who joins his children together in unique ways! May God work in each one of us according to His pleasure and will. Thank you for this article and your words.

  3. Carlisle
    Carlisle says:

    A Holy and significant event – I was so blessed to be there sharing these holy moments with you.
    I love how Jesus identify with our humanness and how your focus is to express the Father’s Heart. God bless 💜

  4. Valerie Herder
    Valerie Herder says:

    Hello brothers and sisters,

    So wonderful to see what is happening at Oceans in SA! It seems undeniable that the Spirit is at work and that it is a critical time for Tim and Patty to be there. Praying for you as you live on the frontlines – and for God to give you supernatural grace and strength/focus for your long “too do” list!
    Love you, T and P and praying for your transition!


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