The Church That Jesus Builds

Johann with graduate and Bernie the director

After the joyous graduation celebration it was only fitting to ask founder Johann Kikillus to share a few words. We thank the Oceans’ Family for their financial gifts in 2021. Johann and the Oceanview Care centre are examples of how Oceans Ministries is able to support and bless the surrounding communities in which we live. There is no doubt that the love of the Father is being made known by this shining beacon of light, yes this is the church, the Ekklesia. To God be the glory!

One morning in January 2015, I borrowed a mat and a chair and asked someone to read a story to a small group of kids living in the flats in OceanView. The kids sat outside a shop on a cold slab of concrete. After an hour we realized the kids were hungry so we made a plan to get them something to eat. It was only over the next few days that it was realized who these kids were. Most of them were sons and daughters of drug addicts, prostitutes, gangsters, and criminals. Many were neglected, often abused and very hungry. Back then there was no money or resources to address this problem, but yet we felt very strongly that God wanted us to reach out and the Oceanview preschool was birthed.

Fast forward to December 2021 and the recent ceremony of the seventh graduating class. This year sixty children finished the preschool programme and 39 younger children attended and will hopefully return next year to graduate. All were fed twice a day, received a very decent education, were given uniforms and school supplies and received counseling, therapy and whatever else was needed to prepare them for school. This was all done for free. The team of broken, yet dedicated, teachers and staff continues to grow and it is evident that God is bringing restoration.

Last week at the graduation a large number of people gathered, the crowd that came was made up of drug addicts, gangsters, prostitutes. These were the parents. Every year it has been the same.

A few years ago while planning the annual graduation the police came to my door voicing a concern that some of our parents were rival gangsters and they feared that all hell would break loose in the hall that night. Thankfully nothing happened.

Over the past seven years, this centre comprised of shipping containers, has been a church to over seven hundred families and most fall into the category of drug addicts, gangsters or prostitutes. It has been a very messy business and many tears have been cried. Sadly a number of parents have died or been murdered. But we have been there every step of the way. Despite initially having no money or resources, God has carried this church through. Over the past two years three similar programmes in equally challenging communities have started. We praise God for everything single thing that was provided as tithes and donations are not solicited.

The most amazing thing about this church is that no person can take any credit for anything. We get visitors from all over the world, and even the most hardened atheists have had to admit that God is behind it. This is the Ekklesia that the Bible speaks about. Be encouraged, and believe God can grow and sustain His church even in the most hardened and unexpected soil.

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