The Forming Wave of Revival


Watching in wonder, massive waves began to form as surfers flooded the secluded beach not far from where we live. We had just attended a funeral of a precious saint, and needed some soul time, the impromptu drive resulted in watching surfers pounded while paddling to their sweet spot to catch the perfect wave. After an enduring  battle their efforts brought forth an experienced surfer’s heaven as huge waves were caught-the ones with the barrel or tube.

Spiritual Waves appear to be hitting shores around the world. Perhaps you’ve  have heard about it? The February 8th revival that broke forth on the campus of Asbury University in the small town of Wilmore, Kentucky.  After an ordinary chapel service a group of students stayed and kept worshiping and the floodgates of heaven poured down upon them. A wave of the Spirit hit!

There was no hype, no celebratory speakers, just a few hungry students pressing into the Father’s heart and He released His love in a supernatural way. It was a repeat of what happened 53 years earlier in the same chapel where the Spirit brought repentance and a great awakening to the holy, loving heart of God. Since that chapel service thousands of people from all over the world invaded the small university and town to encounter a Sovereign work of the Spirit.

The wave that hit Asbury is now hitting several other colleges, universities, churches, and schools across the US and the world. What is so amazing about this move is how the younger generation is caught up and thrust forward by His transforming grace. Over the past several years this generation has encountered demonic darkness and a heaviness which has sought to destroy their hope. BUT NOW these young people are being filled and overflowing with the joy of heaven.

Recently a group of middle school students on Oceans campus for a Kingdom Encounter. To be honest we were all a bit apprehensive and thought it could be a challenge to connect. However, by the end of our time together we witnessed how the Spirit saturated hearts. Together we shared times of confession, tears, prophecies, praying over people with a mighty boldness, and coming up with spiritual truths and insights that only the Spirit could have taught. The Father is raising up a new wave of young people that will cover “the earth with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea,” Hab. 2:14.

How, I praise Abba for this small group of Asbury students who skipped class, remained in the chapel, and sought to find a spiritual wave to empower their thirsty souls. May this encourage each one of us to press into this promise from Jesus:

“…so it is with your prayers. Ask and you’ll receive. Seek and you’ll discover. Knock on heaven’s door, and it will one day open for you. Every persistent person will receive what he asks for. Every persistent seeker will discover what he needs. And everyone who knocks persistently will one day find an open door.

Let me ask you this: Do you know any father who would give his son a snake on a plate when he asked for a serving of fish? Of course not! Do you know of any father who would give his daughter a spider when she had asked for an egg? Of course not! If imperfect parents know how to lovingly take care of their children and give them what they need, how much more will the perfect heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit’s fullness when His children ask Him.” (Luke 11:9-13)

Keep paddling out for there’s a Wave Coming!







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