The Gift of the Father- Heaven Invading Earth

This past weekend I had the privilege of fellowshipping with a group of men in Michigan for a retreat. You can’t beat Western Michigan in the fall! God’s handy work surrounded us with His radiant glory both in creation and in relationships. The trees were shouting out the Father’s praise as the wind pushed through causing the leaves to speak and sparkle in the brilliant sun.

And the wind of the Spirit also pushed through our group as the Father gave insight and revelation that made His presence known. One of the men was sharing about a statement he heard about “Heaven coming to earth.” Stating that when God shows up, it is often times in the least likely places: brokenness, poverty, prisons, suffering, loss, vulnerability etc., and ultimately that is the best place to be. During the weekend we definitely experienced that at the retreat. One of the first guys to share opened up with radical honesty and that broke through the walls of our protective male hearts and allowed the Holy Spirit to dwell with in real and tangible ways. Indeed, there was no better place to be! We all tasted Heaven invading earth!

When Heaven invades earth, and the Father release His Holy Spirit among us several signs will follow, here are a few:

  1. A JOY because of the indwelling presence of Jesus living within us.
  2. SIN is revealed and overcome by the power and forgiveness of Jesus.
  3. A UNITY among the Father’s family that breaks down dividing walls.
  4. A desire to OBEY the will of the Father through the Spirit and the Word.
  5. MIRACLES occur and bring hope to us and glory to the Father alone.

When Heaven invades earth and these signs follow, God’s Heavenly Kingdom will make itself known on earth. Our Father in Heaven will be glorified and His children will be satisfied in His presence. Will you dream with me about an invasion like this? An invasion which would flood our world with rivers flowing from the throne of God to a culture that has become a barren wasteland? For the next few weeks I want to ponder these 5 points and ask you to fervently pray this prayer Jesus taught us to pray: “Our Father, in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” 

Or simply: Father, Let Heaven Come!


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  1. Michele Bennett
    Michele Bennett says:

    How I long for this place of intimacy with my Abba. I have experienced times like this in my life – there is no greater joy than His presence, to see my sin for what it really is (yes this does bring joy) because that is when I am overwhelmed by the love of Jesus’ forgiveness, the oneness it brings with the Body, through the strength that comes from His love poured into me, the desire and willingness to obey out of sheer gratitude and love for Him, which all brings me the eyes to see His miracles that are constantly occurring around me. When I live in His love I see Him EVERYWHERE – the less I see Him and evidence of Him the more lost and apathetic I feel. Lord, help me, fill me, mold me and shape me so that I may be used by You, for Your glory. Thank-you for desiring to use this weak and sinful vessel so You may be seen in the world. May Your Kingdom come – quickly!


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