The Most Important “Yet” of Thanksgiving!

How are you doing making sense of all that is going on in our world? The wars in Europe and the Middle East, the cultural wars where wrong is right and right is wrong. Here in Africa inflation is soaring and economic collapse where the poor and the marginalized suffer intensely. Chaos seems to be reigning over the globe.

Years ago as a young overwhelmed pastor I spent the day in prayer on a beach in Southern California. There I found myself engrossed in the small book of Habakkuk. Reading and journaling about the 3 chapters of this Minor Prophet-with the powerful waves pounded upon the shore-had a transformative impact on my life and calling for years to come.

 Whenever all seems shaky and uncertain I turn back and settle my soul by the truths taught by the Spirit to a struggling prophet. Habakkuk had some complaints to share with God about how things were going in the world. I won’t get into the little wrestling match he had with God, other then God won. If you haven’t read the book lately I challenge you to read it for yourself, it is so relevant for our day.

At the very end of the chapter, after Habakkuk’s encounter with God, and with chaos seeming to rule the day, he chooses to do this very important thing:

 “…yet, I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior.” (3:18).

In the natural there was no reason to give praise and thanksgiving because of an economic collapse in Israel because of the invasion of a foreign enemy. Yet, his eyes turn in faith to the Great I AM, the faithful “LORD” who is his “Savior.”

I’m convinced that all the craziness in our world is a tool used by God to get our focus and attention back on Him and for good reason as the next verses says:

“The Sovereign LORD is my strength…” (vs. 19)

The whole book of Habakkuk is a gift that shows us that God is “The Sovereign LORD.” He is in absolute control of every detail that goes on in life, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense. One day it will and one day “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the water covers the sea,” (2:14).

When we believe that our Abba Father is in complete control of the smallest detail of our lives and the world-we are able to rest in complete confidence that His plan is unfolding perfectly even when we can’t grasp it. At the end of the day He will win, He will be glorified and all in Christ will share in His glory.

Something supernatural happens when we rejoice and give thanks to our LORD and Savior trusting His Sovereign Rule:

“He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to go on the heights.” (vs. 19b).

I’ve watched deer deep within a canyon in the Negev desert in Israel spring up the rocky cliffs to a safe place away from danger. Their agility is amazing. When we praise and rejoice in the LORD in the midst of the chaos around us we spring into the heavenly realms and are awakened to our secure union with Christ. No matter what-the Spirit testifies that we are held eternally in the loving arms of our Father. We cannot lose.

This week I needed to be reminded of the truths in Habakkuk about the most important “Yet” of thanksgiving. No matter what may happen around me “Yet I will rejoice and praise my Sovereign, Saving LORD who loves me forever!”

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