The Perfect Wedding Gift

Usually when you go to a wedding you bring a gift. You go to the couples’ registry search out their wish list and find a gift, which you hope will bless them as they begin their marriage journey together.

However last week I received a gift from being at a wedding, it was a reminder of the most priceless, precious, and perfect gift of all. You couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular fall day in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Not a cloud in the sky, the little lake mirrored the surrounding beauty, fish were jumping, and the glowing bride and groom looked amazing.

I can’t tell you what a joy it was for me to stand before my son TJ and his wife to be Elisa and officiate their marriage union before family, friends, and most of all their Father God. But the gift I received that day, and actually a few months before was their wedding text from 1 John 4:7-21.

What a privilege to ponder and pray over this text for many days and find countless treasures, which the Holy Spirit continued to reveal, far too many to share in a simple wedding message. I’m a realist and knowing that most people were not at the ceremony to hear what the pastor had to say, and in fact would forget what I had to say right after the wedding kiss. Yet, I did want to challenge those attending to honor the couple by going home and reading I John 4:7-21.

If ever a marriage needed these Holy Spirit inspired verses it is now. In fact if ever followers of Christ needed these truths it is now. We live in a generation gripped in fear. Returning from Africa it has been overwhelming to see a political charged landscape fueled by fear and doomsday prognostications.

Yet, these 15 verses uncover a life that can be lived free from the countless fears the “father of lies” seeks to chain us to. We don’t have to fear the future, lack of funds, rejection by family and friends, and the forces of evil that seem to be fostering chaos all around us, why? Because:

“Perfect love casts out all fear!” vs. 18

As I focused in on this verse in particular for the last several days and the phrases around it I was reminded of the transforming power of “perfect love.” And reminded of the source of this love, which flows from intimacy with the Triune God!

“Perfect love” which is every hearts greatest need can only be understood by knowing a God who is three in One-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Yes, the Trinity is a mystery that are finite minds can never fully comprehend, but it is the fountain from which “perfect love” flows as a river of life for all who jump into it.

For the next few blogs I want to jump with you into this River of Triune love, which is the source of hope, healing, and heaven’s greatest gift. Thank you TJ & Elisa for reminding your dad of the gift of “perfect love.” May you to be inspired to read through these verses and soak in the gift of “perfect love!”



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