The Power of Prophetic Words

By God’s good providence Patty and I ended up having lunch with a group of my daughter’s friends in a coffee shop called Gracefull Café in Littleton, Colorado.  Gracefull has an amazing mission to provide a home in the Littleton community where people of all backgrounds can gather, eat well and be inspired to give back.”

In the midst of some great conversation, one of the patrons a few tables away lashed out at the person she was seating with.  A verbal fight pursued and a young man was escorted out of the café.  In tears a lady came to our table and apologized for the disturbance. We assured her that we understood and not to worry.

In the course of our conversation we came to find out she was the founder and owner of this incredible place.  She shared the Christ-centered vision behind Graceful and the journey her family had been on to birth the Café 3 years ago.

But what happened next was the truly amazing gift of grace that God gave us that day.  The young ladies we were with asked the owner if they could share some words with her from the LORD.  The owner was more than ready after what she had just been through.

After a time of silence each of the young ladies shared impressions, which they sensed the Spirit had given them. Different Scriptures were shared that she took in with a receiving heart.  Our sister in Christ responded by telling us how the same texts had been given to her recently in other settings.

Then one of the young ladies exclaimed how God had displayed a field of flowers, in fact purple flowers and was calling the owner to lay down, rest, and allow the Father to minister to her.  A huge smile enveloped her face as she blurted out the purple flowers were her favorite and her name actually means, “purple flower.”

As I took this all in my heart was racing as in the midst of Gracefull Café-God’s amazing grace was flowing down from heaven into the room and filling up the owner’s heart.  We all felt the supernatural presence of the Father’s Spirit encouraging this woman in the midst of the battle she just faced that wounded her heart.

As Patty and I drove home we were filled with joy by what we just witnessed.  We said to each other “This is the body of Christ at it’s best!” These young ladies were willing to step out in faith and listen for the promptings of the Lord and than speak words of love and encouragement from the Spirit.

I believe this is where the Spirit is leading the Father’s Family. In a world that uses words to slander and destroy-God is raising a new generation to be His voice of love and truth to a society desperate for it.  As Peter preached in Acts 2, quoting from Joel 2:28-32:

“In the last days, God says ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions; your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy,” (2:17-18).

May we all join together in praying that our words would be His words-to bring His love and truth to a lost and needy world.
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