The Purple Door


Why in the world a purple door? Last week my dad and I toured a ministry called Providence Network. A ministry miraculously birthed 30 years ago that continues to transform addicts, homeless, abused woman, at risk teens and a whole bunch more for the glory of God in the heart of Denver.


During our tour of this holistic ministry we stopped at a hip looking coffee shop called The Purple Door. I love coffee shops and this one was special! It had a cool vibe about it and an audacious vision.   The coffee shop takes homeless and at risk teens off the streets loves on them and gives them a job at The Purple Door.


They young lady behind the counter was telling me how since being there doors opened for her to get into college and she is pursing an accounting degree, amazing!

As we were sipping some tasty lattes we asked, “so why the purple doors?” I mean it did kind of stand out. She proceeded to tell us that the ministry wants each person who walks into the shop as well as each employee to know they are royalty!


Such a profound statement to indicate that each teen rescued from the streets and each customer enjoying their cup of coffee are created in the image of God and therefore royalty. The vision of the owners is that The Purple Door will bring people to understand that through Christ we become sons and daughters of a loving Father!


My heart leaped for joy as this vision was shared as it parallels the heart of Oceans Ministries. Christ came to open the door for us to the Father’s House so that we can live as royalty. As He said in John 14:6


“I am the way, the truth and the lifeno one comes to the Father except through Me.”


Jesus’ crimson blood was shed so that you and I can wear a royal robe of His righteousness and walk into the Father’s house boldly as His beloved royal kids. When we come to understand the metamorphosis that happens in our hearts because of this truth- the Kingdom of heaven comes to earth.


The Purple Door is a powerful visual reminder to walk into Abba Father’s House and to live as royalty! I praise God for the truth this coffee house teaches and lives into. I hope to enjoy a cup of coffee at The Purple Door sometime and you are invited. But in the meantime let us remind one another that we are His chosen and royal sons and daughters!


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