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This past Monday morning as the news broke of the horrific, demonic attack that took place in Las Vegas, we are once again confronted with the unsettling prospect of a world out of our control. Because of deep-rooted depravity we have terrorism, gruesome civil wars, threats of nuclear bombs, and hearts filled with hatred leading to senseless violence that seems impossible to stop. The unexpected deep groaning of nature has reminded us of just how small we are: hurricanes, torrential flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the like reiterate how little control we possess.

Indeed the times are unsettling as we by nature crave stability, predicability, and control. How should we as followers of Christ navigate our crumbling society? Simply put we must: Find the Rock that cannot be shaken.

Over the last several blogs I have shared with you about one of my spiritual father’s George Mueller. His life testifies as to one who Found The Rock! He lived in England during days of extreme hardship and poverty in the 1800’s. His heart broke for thousands of children left orphaned through the dire circumstance of the day. Yet, Mueller turned Ashley Down Orphanage in Bristol into a Rock of Refuge that brought the Father’s love to over 10,000 orphans.

Amongst turbulent times Mueller provided food, shelter and hope to thousands of boys and girls as he ultimately pointed those he came into contact with to the Rock of Ages. Since Mueller found his own security through faith fixed on the Father’s love he was also able point others to this ultimate gift of Jesus as well. The fruit of this faith showed up in his fervent prayer life. He brought his needs, small and large only to the Father, fully trusting Him to do the impossible.

In the book The Path of Prayer Samuel Chadwick records a time when A.T. Pierson was a guest of Mueller. One evening George asked A.T. Pierson to pray with him since no food was available to feed the 2000 orphans breakfast that next morning. Pierson joined Mueller in the prayer yet wondered how such an impossible situation could be remedied without sharing the need with others. After the time of prayer Mueller slept in peacefully believing the Father would hear his request. And yes amazingly that morning food arrived in abundance!

The provision of food was donated by a man who was awakened in the middle of night and KNEW he needed to send breakfast to Mueller’s orphanage. This man knew nothing of the need, or of the two men in prayer, yet God spoke to him and he not only sent food for one breakfast, he sent provisions that would feed those 2000 in the orphanage for an entire month.

Mueller’s childlike trust continues to show me how to Find the Rock. A trust that calls out to the Father in the midst of a trembling world knowing that because of Him I can stand firmly and you can stand firmly on the Father’s Rock Solid Faithfulness and Love.

I love you, O LORD, my strength. The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge …I call to the LORD, who is worthy of my praise, and I am saved from my enemies. Psalm 18:1-3.




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