The Warrior Spirit

Where does courage come from? Watching reports from the invasion of Ukraine has been both gut wrenching and awe inspiring at the same time. Faced with insurmountable odds the Ukrainian people have displayed courage to resist the massive Russian army no matter what the cost.

Why would unarmed civilians stand in the way of massive tanks? Why would ordinary civilians stand in long lines to receive guns and enlist in the fight to protect their country?

A mother of two who works as a banker was asked that question as she waited for her weapon? “Freedom!” she said, “I want my girls to live in freedom and I’m willing to die for it.” These people love their country and the new freedom experienced over the last few years and this has infused them with a courageous spirit.

As I have been thinking and praying for the Ukrainians it has prompted much reflection on courage. During our weekly Bible study the Oceans team here in Africa, joined by Mike and Dawn in the US  discussed the betrayal and death of Jesus from John’s gospel. These verses portray the ultimate Warrior Spirit like no other. Betrayed by friends, berated by the religious establishment who were filled with demonic pride, beaten by a fear-filled political puppet, and bound to a torturous cross as the innocent Son of God. What was the source of His courage?

Love! A love Jesus had for the Father and a love the Father had for the Son. A love which the Father and Son want to share with sinful people through His Spirit living in them. It motivated Jesus to endure the depths of hell to free His beloved children. He wanted them to live in and experience freedom and find their home in Heaven’s love.

Jesus’ Warrior Spirit flowed from His love relationship with the Father (see John 17:26), which allowed Him to do the most courageous act in the history. What’s amazing about all this is that those who receive His gift of love also receive His Warrior Spirit.

We have a love in us through Christ that we can never be divorced from. No one or nothing in all the universe can separate us from it. Paul tells us in Romans 8:37 this love makes us “more than conquerors.” This means we are not victims but victors in Christ over every circumstance. No situation in life can defeat us, even death leads to eternal victory. As a result we can live fearless and courageous lives in the midst of a fear-filled world.

I’m inspired by the Ukraine’s spirit of courage fueled by love for country and freedom. But how much more should followers of Christ, who have been given His Warrior Spirit of love, live victoriously before all who watch us. Through courageous acts of love such as: serving the least, forgiving our enemies, and loving the lost with the Gospel message of hope we point to Christ the Warrior who lives in us.

Oh Father, flood us a fresh with the Warrior Spirit of your Son, so that His love may pour out of us to a thirsty world who desperately needs to see You.

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  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Many times courage comes from past experiences people live through.
    I don’t have the answer to why people experience terrible pasts but in
    the case of the Ukrainian people their past is horrendous. I think the
    courage they are showing has something to do with the history of
    Ukraine. Look up the Holdomar of 1930s or the Holocaust of Bullets or
    the other historical pain inflicted upon the people of Ukraine by an oppressor.
    When we adopted Sergey from Ukraine their history was a real time
    reminder. Mounds of dirt where scattered along the roadway we traveled.
    The mounds of dirt were from the mass graves from their past. Ukraine has
    many thriving churches that need our prayers.

  2. Tim Spykstra
    Tim Spykstra says:

    Thanks Jim,
    I know you guys have been on the ground there and thinking of you and Sergey.
    Thanks again for your insights.


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