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I love this picture for several reasons. First of all the visual of the globe with water flowing over the world unto the last words of Jesus before he left the earth to take His throne at the right hand of His Father. It speaks of the plan to bring in God’s Kingdom to all the nations of the world by “making disciples.” Disciples who would follow in the steps of Jesus Christ whose mission was to show the world the heart of His Father. A heart  of love that would give up His only Son to bring lost sons and daughters back home to where they belong. There is no greater message on earth that we are called to share.

Second, this picture reminds of all the baptisms that took place under this globe and these words. Where people who were a part of CrossPoint church in Chino, California, made a bold declaration through the work of the Holy Spirit that they have come to join the family through the work of Jesus Christ. As new believers came up out of the water those who witnessed the event would joyfully yell out, “sons and daughters of the King,” to welcome them into their new identity.

The third reason I love this picture is because of the restless warrior standing next to me. Ray Haakonsen, has been a tool of God to show what the heart of the Father and His Kingdom looks like. Ray and his wife Sue founded a care center in Lesotho Africa for abandon babies called Beautiful Gate. In God’s great providence I was introduced to Ray on my first trip to Africa. I watched what true religion looked like as Sue and Ray stepped out in total faith to answer the call to be a “father to the fatherless.” As they followed the Father in obedience not only were hundreds of babies saved from certain death but all who stepped onto the holy ground of Beautiful Gate found their lives forever changed. It truly is a picture of what the Father has done for us, how we have been rescued by His love, saved from certain death, and given a glorious home.

This picture speaks visually of the heart of Oceans Ministries. A calling to spread the message of the Father’s Glory and Love to an orphaned world that is longing to find a real home. May you join this mission with us to make the glory of the Father known “as the waters covers the sea,” (Habakkuk 2:14).

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  1. Ray Haakonsen
    Ray Haakonsen says:

    My ‘Brother from another Mother’,
    I am here thanks to your beautiful daughter Sarah posting the link on her Facebook page!
    My heart is exploding as I read of the Genesis of this ministry of Oceans! I know for sure God will use you mightily as you have sought His Father Heart for yourself, others and for the nations. You have walked the walk and have so much you can share with those who don’t know Him as ABBA Father.

    Oh how blessed I am that He chose to have our paths cross those years ago and see what He has done through that meeting. You are such a humble man of God, who I believe will be used mightily as you preach and live His Kingdom here on earth. I’m proud to be called your friend and brother and I look forward with much anticipation to see where this and your amazing book (which I need to order soon) will lead.

    Bless you Tim and God be with you and your beautiful family as you seek His purposes for your life and that of Oceans ministries.
    In Him,
    Your Restless Warrior African brother Ray
    Love ya man!!


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