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A Journey of Faith – Shoes

How are your shoes?


Not long ago I was reminded once again of the importance of purchasing the right shoes. My daughter Anna suffered an injury to her achilles as she was practicing basketball partially because she had the wrong shoes. So we did some research and found a pair that wouldn’t aggravate her Achilles tendon and would help her heal up. The replacement shoes weren’t cheap, but price was worth it to get her back on her feet running, jumping, and rebounding on the court which is what she loves to do.

I pondered the purchase of the shoes and thought about how I would never pay that price for shoes for myself, BUT, my daughter was worth it! I didn’t even hesitate to pull out the VISA quickly suck the money out of my account. This event triggered a thought about how our Heavenly Father feels about us. No price is to great to bring us healing so that we can be put back into the game we were created to play.

God gave up His only Son, placed him on the cross in our place for our sin, so that we could be healed. Now, it doesn’t stop there, we are healed and given “new shoes.” Paul calls them “gospel shoes” (Eph. 6:15) in order to follow in faith the Father’s plan for our life.

Recently, I feel like I have gotten a new pair of shoes. In reality I have had them a long time, but they feel new as God has called me to step out in faith and follow Him in a new ministry. I have to be honest with you, at times I am a bit afraid to get the new shoes dirty, to try them out, and wear them to follow the voice of the Father. It seems safer on the bench as I have no idea what direction this game is going. But, I have laced them up, I’m heading on the floor, and my heart is beating really fast with a nervous energy.

On this new path I’ve been very intentional about taking the time to go back and listen to my Father’s voice. Over the next few weeks I would like to share with you some texts from the book of Joshua that have helped to launch me forward. Hopefully these passages will bless you as your Father has a special calling for you as well. Get ready to put those new shoes on and get into the game!

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  1. Len Fakkema
    Len Fakkema says:

    Thanks for your insight! New shoes are important for athletes, but they need to be the right fit. I love your insight! We do have to step out in faith and I can relate to that fact! Thanks for writing! By the way, I love your book!

    • Tim Spykstra
      Tim Spykstra says:

      Good hearing from you Len. As a long time coach you know the importance of good shoes and the right fit. Thanks for your example of stepping out in faith and what a great fit.


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