What if the World Knew it had a Loving Father?

It was a beautiful autumn night as we walked out of the movie theater. So nice we kept walking pondering the documentary we just saw called, “Show me the Father.” I said to Patty, “if the world really knew the love of God as Father it would be a totally different place.” Healing would flood over the deepest pains and darkest places where hate and evil reign because of not knowing a love we have been created for.

I know in the culture we live in the thoughts above will be mocked by many. But the older I get and the more I have experienced I am convinced that knowing such love is the hope for our hemorrhaging world. It won’t be a political party, a new public policy, a better educational system, more money, new toy, likes on social media, new lover, new gender identity, or whatever you can think of. Nothing can fill the longing void in the heart until one knows the love of “Abba Father,” (Romans 8:15).

The documentary highlights how many social ills such as crime, murder, suicide, addictions, gang violence, and rape; find their roots in fatherlessness. I would add on to that list greed, racial tensions, exploitation of the poor and needy among us, and homelessness. Earthy fathers are called to mirror the heavenly Father’s love but often because of sin the mirror is cracked and terribly distorted. I think how often I have fallen short of reflecting heavens love to my kids.

The enemy knows that if he can mess with earthly fathers and their calling to be a representative of the heavenly Father’s love he can gain a stronghold in the world. I’ve seen the effects of this as a pastor, working in prisons and with the homeless population. We are confronted with this daily in South Africa, as fatherless homes are the norm.

As Patty and I continued our walking and talking the other night, I said the healing that our world needs has to be a supernatural intervention from the Holy Spirit. Several years ago in my own life the Holy Spirit sovereignly intervened to show me “Abba Father and His overwhelming love.” That encounter would lead to what we are doing now with Oceans Ministries.

As we walked out of “Show me the Father” there was a sense of hope as real life stories reminded us that The Father is working in miraculous ways to show broken children His healing love. Jesus is the perfect picture of what the Father looks like. When you see Jesus you see the heart of the Father.

Yes, we are living in a historic time of brokenness around the world which is the perfect time for the Holy Spirit to wake us up to see the only One who can bring eternal healing. I would encourage you to see “Show me the Father,” it will give you much to ponder and I believe the answer to what our world desperately needs.

“Philip said, ‘Lord show us the Father and we will be satisfied. Jesus replied, ‘Have I been with you all this time, Philip, and yet you still don’t know who I am? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father!’” (John 14:8-9)




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  1. Penny
    Penny says:

    Pastor Tim…great post and so glad you saw the documentary. While sitting in the theater last week, we too were blessed to see this movie. Sad to say, the theater was almost empty and those there were believers. (We could tell by their comments!) We thought of you and how your ministry is such a blessing to so many. Just as we can’t force people to see the movie, neither can we change the minds of those dads who are leaving their families. But, we can pray for the Holy Spirit to wake up this world. Thank you for your blog post. We pray it will be instrumental in bringing fathers home and reconciliation to many in our world who are fatherless. Jesus is our only answer


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