40 Day Prayer Challenge – The Hand Prayer

What a blessing it has been to hear several stories you have shared with me from your prayer journey you have embarked upon. One friend told of an amazing reversal in a court case, another about the sweet times of prayer experienced as a family, still others about a renewed sense to seek the presence of God as the chief passion of their daily walk. I have also heard from others about intense spiritual battles that have occurred as you tried to enter into your prayer circle praying bold prayers. This is to be expected, as the enemy knows the unleashing power that pours forth from Heaven when the Father’s children pray.

Wherever you may be in your prayer life keep going no matter what the intensity of your warfare because you may be right at the verge of a spiritual break through. This past week I was captivated by that last prayer of Jesus on the cross, I call it

The Hands Prayer:

“Father into your hands I commit my spirit.”

This may be one of the most effective prayers in all of Scripture. Jesus at the climax of His horrific pain placed His “spirit” securely in the hands of His Father. Everything He had was stripped from Him, family, friends, clothes, respect, ministry, dignity and the loving presence of His Father. Yet, one thing remained, His ability to cry out in prayer and place Himself in the sovereign hands of His Abba Father. Jesus believed that the Hands of His Abba could bring victory out of apparent defeat. In the midst of the clapping and cheers of hell the Father’s hands rescued and resurrected Jesus, the Son of God, back to the glorious throne of Heaven. This Hands Prayer was answered and victory obtained as the Father handed over the Kingdom and placed it in His Son’s nail scared hands.

All week I have being practicing The Hands Prayer and placing my “spirit” in a mighty, loving, gracious, merciful, creative, providing, protecting, encouraging, eternal, holy, saving, reconciling, redeeming, resurrecting, reigning hands…… of my Abba Father. His enormous Hands can handle my family’s needs, spiritual battles, sins, dreams, ministries, disappointments, failures, success, longings, yes any and everything that comes in this life and beyond. There is a peace that flows from Heaven as my small shaky hands reach up to the invisible Hands of the Father who grabs ahold with a gracious grip of grace that won’t let go.

“I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand…For I am the LORD, your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you…” Isaiah 41:10-13.

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