40 Day Prayer Challenge – I will Answer

I got a call last week from a friend who has joined the 40 Day Prayer Challenge. He said he just had share what happened as a result of his crying out to God that morning. It is one of those phone calls that you sit down for, in fact by the end the call I was doing a little praise dance to the Lord. I asked him if I could share this story with you and he said absolutely he wanted the Father to be glorified and others to be encouraged to keep praying.

My friend is in the midst of some financial challenges in part because he lives a life of radical obedience. God has not only blessed their family with a bunch of kids but they added on to their clan by following God’s call to adopt three more from Africa, plus offering care to another needy child in their community that has been living with them. On that particular morning on the way to work my friend used a few quiet moments to pray into the 40 Challenge. He was crying out to God for his financial need especially since his work vehicle had broken down.

Later that same day while waiting and wondering what the verdict would be, my friend received a call from the mechanic and he proceeded to say an amazing thing had just happened. Someone walked in and said, “Here is $500 to help cover the cost of the repairs for that work vehicle.” My friend continued on, “Tim have you every heard of such a crazy thing, where someone comes off the street and anonymously gives money to help pay for repairs.” The two of us were astonished and we both rejoiced and continued talking about our Father God who hears the prayers of His children. My friend went on to say how this answer filled him with peace and encouragement that God would again show Himself faithful in their other needs as well.

That same morning I was reading Psalm 91 and these words grabbed my heart:

“Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble and I will deliver him and honor him” vs. 14-15.

My friend who “lovesthe LORD, who boldly called upon Him with His need in the morning found Him faithful already in the afternoon. Prayer is the way we “acknowledge” that we love and trust in the LORD and when He answers we give Him all honor and glory.

As my friend was bursting forth with praise to His Father God for hearing His prayer, I found my heart strongly encouraged to keep crying out to the Father with the needs in my prayer circle. As we have reached 20 days into the prayer challenge “keep asking, seeking, and knocking,” and wait in hope for how your Father will show Himself glorious in your life.



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