The Gift of the Father – Heaven’s Joy

During my first visit to Lesotho Africa, the guide from World Vision drove our team of pastors to a remote village on a dusty and very bumpy road. As our vehicle crested a hill and descended down toward a cinder block building, I couldn’t help but notice an unusual sound which I had never heard […]

The Gift of the Father- Heaven Invading Earth

This past weekend I had the privilege of fellowshipping with a group of men in Michigan for a retreat. You can’t beat Western Michigan in the fall! God’s handy work surrounded us with His radiant glory both in creation and in relationships. The trees were shouting out the Father’s praise as the wind pushed through […]

The Gift of the Father – Praying Through the Pain

The other afternoon I went for a bike ride, it was a glorious fall day and I likely peddled farther than I should have neglecting to recall that the return route was mostly up hill. As I was nearing home and facing the last hill my legs were shouting to my mind, “why do you […]

The Gift of the Father – Believing He is Good!

Do you believe God the Father is good? As a young boy I remember building a fort in the backyard thoroughly enjoying myself while nailing boards together on a sunny Sunday afternoon. But all of the sudden I set the hammer down wondering if I had accidentally broken one of the 10 commandments. After all “keep […]

The Gift of the Father – “I have nothing to give!”

One of the greatest spiritual truths that The Father continues to teach me is “I have nothing to give!” It flies in the face of my human pride to admit that I am empty, needy, can’t fix the problem, have nothing to give. Yet, this is exactly what Jesus teaches is the first step to […]

The Gift of the Father – A New Stirring

Why do I believe there is going to be another great outpouring of the Father’s Spirit upon the earth as mentioned last week? Prayer! Have you heard about the movie War Room? A few weeks ago my wife Patty urged my daughter and I to go see it after she experienced it with some high […]